Canadian Mennonite University

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Canadian Mennonite University

About CMU

Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) is Christian university that offers degrees in the arts, music, music therapy, theology and church ministries.

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CMU has over 2,000 students at its Main Campus, seminary, Outtatown School of Discipleship and at Menno Simons College, its campus at the University of Winnipeg.

At CMU we value excellent teaching, rigorous thinking and practical preparation for a career. As a Christian university, we do this within a framework of faith in God, and with the conviction that faith makes a difference in how we understand our world.

CMU was chartered by the Province of Manitoba in 1998 and builds on over 60 years of history and tradition from the three colleges that were amalgamated to form the university: MBBC/Concord College, CMBC and Menno Simons College.

CMU is officially supported by Mennonite Church Canada and the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba.

Academic Programs

Continuing Education

Institutes & Centres

Film & Faith

Community School of Music & the Arts

Institute for Community Peacebuilding

Institute for Theology & the Church

School of Writing with Rudy Wiebe

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