Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry (The) (CAPNM)

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The Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry (CAPNM):

About CAPNM:

The Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry (CAPNM) is committed to the development of parish nursing as a health and ministry resource within Canada.

Our vision is to see Parish Nursing recognized as an essential dimension in the integration of faith and health within diverse faith communities throughout Canada.

Our Purpose Is:

To bring together individuals and groups that are vital to parish nursing ministry: parish nurses, nursing and theological educators, faith communities and partnering organizations

To provide parish nurse resources

To secure financial sustainability for the organization and promote the funding of the parish nursing ministry

To foster and develop parish nursing ministry identity, education, standards of practice, and research in relationship with each other

Interest in this association began in March of 1998, with the founding meeting held in Toronto in August of 1998. The organization became incorporated in December of 2001.


Parish Nursing Education Programs/Courses in Canada

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