Calvin Theological Seminary

3233 Burton St SE
Grand RapidsMI49506
Phone: 616-957-6036
Toll-free: 1-800-388-6034


Since 1876, Calvin Theological Seminary has faithfully prepared leaders who nurture disciples and serve the church.

Today, graduates of Calvin Seminary can expect to be ready for effective ministry in a rapidly-changing, multicultural world.

Our vision presents what we aim to do at Calvin Seminary, and how we plan to accomplish our goals through the power of the Holy Spirit.


What we are doing at Calvin Seminary:

Calvin Theological Seminary is a learning community in the Reformed Christian tradition that forms church leaders who cultivate communities of disciples of Jesus Christ.


Why we do what we do at Calvin Seminary:

  • Reformed Theology – All our teaching and formation grow from a shared understanding of God’s Word as articulated in the Reformed confessions.
  • The Church – We are formed by and serve the church, God’s agent of hope for the world.
  • Cultural Context – We give our students tools to sow the gospel in a multicultural world. We challenge one another to have hearts that engage the broader world God so loves.
  • The Whole Person – We cultivate meaningful relationships with our students to foster personal and spiritual growth throughout our learning community.


How we aim to accomplish our mission, through the power of the Holy Spirit:

  • We cultivate a learning environment of academic excellence and scholarship.
  • We provide innovative learning environments.
  • We create synergistic connections with our graduates and ministry leaders.
  • We nurture a community of hospitality.
  • We enrich the student experience with vital ministry partnerships.

Outcomes of a Calvin Seminary education

We know that a Calvin Seminary education has accomplished its mission when graduates:

  • Preach and teach the Bible.
  • Grow in their pastoral identity.
  • Discern and engage ministry contexts.
  • Cultivate and lead communities of disciples.
  • Equip the church to renew communities for the glory of God.