Benedictine Center of St. Paul’s Monastery

2675 Benet Rd
St Paul, MN55109
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Welcome, Retreat and Spirituality Seekers

“As soon as anyone knocks the porter of the monastery replies, ‘Thanks be to God’ or ‘Your blessing, please’. Then the porter provides a prompt answer with the warmth of love.” (RB 66:3-4)

Embodying this vision of hospitality, the Benedictine Center is a threshold between St. Paul’s Monastery and the wider world. Staff members serve as Benedict’s porter, ready to welcome each guest with all the gentleness that comes from God.

Services In Any Combination

No Two Spiritual Journeys Are Alike

Some guests make use of one resource at a time, dropping in for prayer, some quiet, or to participate in an event. Some stay connected to the Benedictine Center by meeting one-on-one with a spiritual director or bringing their group to the Benedictine Center for retreat. Others like to take advantage of more than one resource. Our staff is ready to help you decide which options may be uniquely helpful to you.
About Us

Sharing the Wisdom of Benedictine Spirituality

THE SISTERS OF ST. PAUL’S MONASTERY REMAIN CONVINCED that Benedictine spirituality can be a resource to today’s women and men as they strive to live faithfully in the world.

Our Story

The retreat ministry the Sisters have nurtured for more than 35 years has matured as a setting that blends peace and quiet, silence and conversation, personal study and shared programming. The Benedictine Center remains true to the Sisters’ intention to share the monastic heritage of St. Paul’s Monastery with others.

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