Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries

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Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries

About Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries

BCM is a nonprofit cooperative – a circle of mutual aid for those called to non-traditional gospel ministry.

Who is Bartimaeus?

The story of the poor man Bartimaeus in Mark’s gospel (Mk 10:46-52) gives us an archetypal portrait of the journey from “blindness” to faith. We are committed to the healing process of learning to “see again.” For us this means:

Re-visioning the stories, convictions and practices of our faith traditions (Quaker, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, ecumenical);

Attending to the insights of oppressed people, of the land, and of our own bodies that have often been overlooked by those faith traditions;

Discerning the problems and possibilities of our historical moment and responding by helping to animate communities of discipleship and character.

We have offices in Pasadena and Los Angeles, CA, and partners throughout California, around North America and abroad.

What do we mean by cooperative?

BCM was founded in 1998 as an ecumenical experiment whose purpose is to offer:

An umbrella structure for non-traditional types of gospel ministry. BCM provides a supportive institutional context for individuals who are called to ministry outside established denominational, congregational or organizational structures.

A vehicle for mutual aid to those endeavoring to live a gospel lifestyle. Our staff and board share a commitment to spiritual disciplines such as Sabbath Economics and consensual decision-making. BCM provides administrative support, office space, subsistence salaries, health insurance and other benefits to program staff.

A circle where persons can follow leadings of the Spirit. BCM is a community of discernment for persons seeking to embody a holistic ministry, helping them to clarify, test, and sustain their calling. We are an incubator for new projects, most recently: the Word and World School; a community-based hospice effort; and the Sabbath Economics collaborative.

What sort of ministries?

Theological Animation.

Ched Myers travels widely in an evangelistic ministry of teaching, writing, and organizing; helping to build the movement of faith-based work for peace, justice and radical discipleship.

Restorative Justice.

Elaine Enns is a mediator, educator, and trainer in the fields of conflict transformation and restorative justice, providing services for victims and offenders, families, churches, schools, and organizations.

Moving Money for Social Change.

Peg Rosenkrands is a grassroots fundraising coach, assisting faith-based organizations to grow funding support for their missions by re-organizing administrative processes and teaching the board/staff the relational skills required to sustain long-term financial support. See Donor’s Link at:

Word and World: A People’s School.

An experiment in popular theological education and capacity-building for faith-based peace and justice activists. BCM staff helped conceive, build, and steer Word and World, as well as serving as fiscal agent until 2004.

The Fund for Suffering and Guadalupe Hospice are programs supporting works of mercy and emergency relief for persons in need. See Hospice and Hospitality in Sponsored Projects link at:

Sabbath Economics Collaborative.

We promote economic literacy, alternative economic practices, spiritual disciplines, and theological resources for “reading the Bible economically and reading the economy biblically. See Collaborations link at:

Bartimaeus Covenant Investors Community.

We offer BCM donors a donor nurture retreat and follow-up program that uses a sevenfold Sabbath Economics covenant for personal growth and life change. See Donor’s Link at:

We are committed to standing for compassion and equity, and against all forms of marginalization and violence in these difficult times. To do this, we must face our personal and political blindness to the realities of human suffering, and see again God’s horizons of justice and love. Toward this end, we promote and work closely with community partners, certain publications, faith-based peace and justice groups, alternative theological education groups, artists and musicians, and international partners. Links to these groups can be found on our website – see Links at:

For more information please visit the website.