Atlantic School Of Theology

640 Francklyn St
HalifaxNSB3H 3B5
Phone: (902) 423-6939
Fax: (902) 494-4048

Leaders come in many forms. Atlantic School of Theology helps develop post-graduate students for ministry, as well as for meeting the theological and ethical challenges of today’s world.

At AST, students are able to explore new avenues for theological education such as interfaith dialogue, which is becoming a major part of the societal context in which ministry and community leadership must now exercise its calling.

Our peaceful grounds are highly conducive to study. AST is located in the heart of the city’s grand South End – the beautiful waterfront of the Northwest Arm is in our back yard, with the woodland Point Pleasant Park nearby.

AST is shaped by a tradition of cooperation and respect, going back over 40 years, to create an open and welcoming environment.

AST serves Christ’s mission by shaping effective and faithful ordained and lay leaders and understanding among communities of faith.

AST offers the following programs and course:

  • Degree Programs
  • Graduate Certificate Program in Theological Studies
  • Diploma in Youth Ministry
  • Adult Education Certificate in Theological Studies (Campus or Online; two year program)
  • Online Courses
  • Summer Courses