Anglican Centre in Rome (The)

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The Anglican Centre in Rome:

The Anglican Centre in Rome was founded, with the encouragement of both Archbishop Michael Ramsey and Pope Paul VI, on the wave of ecumenical enthusiasm engendered by the Second Vatican Council.

The Archbishop and the Pope realised that official statements were not enough and that the “special relationship” between Anglicans and Roman Catholics could not flourish unless people really knew each other, and could talk face to face about what ‘they had in common and what separated them’. Without that, true understanding would not deepen and progress would not be made.

Ever since those exciting days in the late 1960’s, when the idea of ARCIC (The Anglican – Roman Catholic International Commission) was born, the Centre has played an important part in encouraging and assisting the relationship between Rome and Canterbury. Its Director is the representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Holy See.

Programs: Courses; RomeSS (Summer)

For a Summer School or Study Pilgrimage some say that context is everything. Expert lecturers and knowledgeable guides will help participants to savour the rich heritage of Rome and reflect on the opportunities and challenges facing Christianity and religion in the new millennium.

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