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The American Chesterton Society

About Us

At the American Chesterton Society, we are doing everything we can to revive an interest in the most unjustly neglected writer of the 20th century, a writer who seems more timely than ever here in the 21st century. Common sense for the world’s uncommon nonsense. Our goal is to get Chesterton’s words not merely back into print, but back into the classroom and back into the public arena. Among our projects and activities are:

Our web page––which is a well-visited Internet site with a growing source of information about Chesterton as well as the much-valued “Quotemeister” ™a reference service.

The “Amber Chesterton,” a project which will eventually include all of Chesterton’s works in a computer database with a customized concordance program. This will not only be an incomparable reference tool for students and scholars, it will provide an easy and inviting way for anyone to explore the wealth of Chesterton’s writings. This project is still years away from completion. We must first gather all the scattered and uncollected pieces by Chesterton and then transcribe them into a computer text. This is a huge undertaking, and until we get it properly funded, it is several years from completion.

Our annual Chesterton Conference. This remarkable event brings together people from all over the map, from different walks of life, different politics, different faiths, professionals and amateurs, newcomers and old-timers,the hard core and the merely curious. All are welcome. Besides the variety of speakers featured at each conference, it is a great opportunity to connect with other people who care about Chesterton and his ideas. It is a great time for arguing and agreeing, eating and drinking, and being stimulated by the ringing words of the writer who challenged us to “break the conventions and keep the commandments.”

Talks on Chesterton tailor-made for schools, churches, organizations, and public meetings.

Helping local Chesterton Societies get started.

Publishing Gilbert Magazine, the best magazine in the world..

Other publications and products developed by the American Chesterton Society, which are aimed at creating new interest in Chesterton. Among these are sweatshirts, t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, and the “Chesterton University Student Handbook.” Proceeds from the sale of these products are used to support the continued work of the society.

“The Apostle of Common Sense” a television series on Chesterton originally produced for EWTN.

Anything else? We welcome your ideas.

Membership in the American Chesterton Society is $42 a year. Your annual membership contribution entitles you 8 issues of Gilbert Magazine and a 20% discount on books purchased from the Society. The main thing we expect from our members is to help revive an interest in Chesterton, to spread his influence and ideas, to bring him to a new generation, to give him as a gift. Please buy the books and merchandise not only for your own pleasure and benefit, but also for others. And donations are tax-deductible. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to call or write or e-mail me anytime.

Dale Ahlquist, President

The American Chesterton Society

Annual Conference

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