Heaven-scent: Custom fragrance for Pope Benedict


By Diana Swift
staff writer

Italian perfumer Silvana (“The Nose”) Casoli, has created a signature scent for Pope Benedict XVI.

The boutique scent maker told the Italian newspaper Il Messagero that the fresh citrusy cologne captures the 84-year-old pontiff’s love of the flora and fauna of his forested native Bavaria, as well as a spiritual feeling of peace and tranquility. It contains such aromatherapeutic soothers as lime-tree blossom, verbena and spring grass.

Casoli was previously commissioned to create fragrances for Roman Catholic pilgrims travelling to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The two scents, Water of Faith and Water of Hope, were such a hit with local priests that they presented samples to the pope, who later put in a request for some personalized perfumery.

Casoli has also customized scents for Madonna, Sting and King Juan Carlos of Spain. So far, we can only speculate as to the carefully guarded papal fragrance’s name. Perhaps its working title is B-16?


Anglican Journal News, March 16, 2012




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