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    Meditation for Resilience Posted in: Podcasts / E-Courses / Online Offerings - How do we gain the strength to work with life situations that are difficult and stressful? Resilience is certainly important but how does a person develop more resilience? For millennia meditation has been used to develop a personal centre — a place of peace and tranquility that people can go to at times of turbulence… Continue reading "Meditation for Resilience"
    From the Primate: Lament and mourn today—and seek change tomorrow Posted in: News - By Archbishop Linda Nicholls   Sometimes there is a certain Canadian smugness expressed when we see the dire situation of our neighbour to the south. We shake our heads and express dismay at the level of racial violence that periodically emerges there while feeling a sense of relief that, of course, this does not happen… Continue reading "From the Primate: Lament and mourn today—and seek change tomorrow"
    Our eucharistic prayer matters—and not just for us Posted in: Features - I am a priest of the church. Since the pandemic started and the bishops of our Anglican churches in Ontario decreed a eucharistic fast, I have not had any desire to celebrate the Eucharist without my community. I can’t even honestly say that I have missed the Eucharist. I miss gathering with my church. I… Continue reading "Our eucharistic prayer matters—and not just for us"
    Chaos and the ministry of the gospel Posted in: Discussion - By Bishop Mark MacDonald One of the many things that our recent pandemic crisis has revealed is the difficulties our institutions have in facing chaos. To be clear, I am not at all critical of the ways that people have tried to adapt to the realities of COVID-19. I have seen courage, compassion and innovation… Continue reading "Chaos and the ministry of the gospel"
    Anglicans, Lutherans gather online in multilingual Pentecost video Posted in: Podcasts / E-Courses / Online Offerings - By Tali Folkins The Book of Acts relates that the first Christian Pentecost saw the disciples, as they gathered in one place, suddenly inspired to declare the wonders of God in a range of languages, so that visitors from places as far away as Persia and Rome were each able to recognize their own languages… Continue reading "Anglicans, Lutherans gather online in multilingual Pentecost video"
    AFC Announces Spring 2020 Grants Posted in: News - By Staff Writer The Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) has announced $260,000 in funding to support new projects across Canada in its May cycle of awards. AFC’s board of directors met via Zoom on May 20-21, 2020 to endorse its new 2020-2023 strategic road map, in addition to awarding grants to over 60 applicants. “As… Continue reading "AFC Announces Spring 2020 Grants"
    Gathering at the river – an Online Gospel Jamboree Posted in: Podcasts / E-Courses / Online Offerings - Gospel Jamborees have a long history in Indigenous communities, going back to a time when Indigenous peoples gathered to sing Christian hymns – as a means of coming together, praying for one another, worshipping God, spreading the Good News, and also as a means of faithful and courageous resistance to colonization. Within the Anglican Church… Continue reading "Gathering at the river – an Online Gospel Jamboree"
    2020 RESOURCES: Climate Action + PWRDF Posted in: Links - PWRDF’s 2020 annual resources will focus on Sustainable Development Goal #13, Climate Action. We have produced a series of bulletin inserts (left) that highlight how PWRDF partners are taking climate action to support food security, women, health, Indigenous communities, emergency response, refugees/displaced people and youth. Climate action initiatives are also highlighted on our bookmark and… Continue reading "2020 RESOURCES: Climate Action + PWRDF"
    PWRDF – Prayers & Reflection every Thursday Online Posted in: Podcasts / E-Courses / Online Offerings - Join PWRDF on Zoom every Thursday at 1 p.m. ET for a short service of prayers and a reflection. Our guest reflectors have included Primate Linda Nicholls, PWRDF Board member Rev. Canon David Harrison and Wade Zamechek of Village Health Works, our partner in Burundi. Approximately 50 participants have joined in the past weeks from… Continue reading "PWRDF – Prayers & Reflection every Thursday Online"
    From the Primate: Discerning when to speak Posted in: Features - By Archbishop Linda Nicholls   When we can gather at a watercooler at work or in the pub with friends, we enjoy expressing our opinions on the latest sports events, favourite movies or political action. However, in these days of social media and instant communications, when little if anything is private, we are called to… Continue reading "From the Primate: Discerning when to speak"
    Together in One Place – A Pentecost service of ecumenical prayer and fellowship  Posted in: Podcasts / E-Courses / Online Offerings - Date and Time Sat, 30 May 2020, 3:00 PM EDT Location Online Event Description Amid the unique challenges and opportunities of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, leaders of The Canadian Council of Churches' member churches will gather “together in one place” (Acts 2:1) in ecumenical friendship and prayer this season of Western Pentecost / Eastern Ascension.… Continue reading "Together in One Place – A Pentecost service of ecumenical prayer and fellowship "
    To Think Christianly Posted in: Books - To Think Christianly: A History of L'Abri, Regent College, and the Christian Study Center Movement By Charles E. Cotherman (Author) Charles E. Cotherman (PhD, University of Virginia) is pastor and planter of Oil City Vineyard Church in Oil City, Pennsylvania. He is the program director of the Project on Rural Ministry at Grove City College and… Continue reading "To Think Christianly"
    JESUS SKEPTIC – Book Posted in: General, Reviews - By Wayne Holst My Special Item is a book written about Jesus and Christian faith by a skeptical journalist. I hope you  find it interesting. Hopefully too, you will discover other helpful items  here this week.   ***** SPECIAL ITEM Book Notice  JESUS SKEPTIC A Journalist Explores the Credibility and Impact of Christianity by John S.… Continue reading "JESUS SKEPTIC – Book"
    “The Pandemic is a Portal” Posted in: Discussion - By Mark Whitall This is an in-between time.  The world as we knew it is no more.  The new world that will replace it hasn’t happened yet.  We are in-between. The Indian novelist Arundhati Roy had an article in the Financial Times on April 3 entitled “The Pandemic is a Portal”, in which she wrote: “Historically,… Continue reading "“The Pandemic is a Portal”"