Transitions: Making Sense and Finding Peace with Change

January 26, 2018
Halifax NS

Transitions: Making Sense and Finding Peace with Change

WHEN: Friday, January 26, 2018 | 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
WHERE: President’s Lodge, 630 Francklyn St., Halifax, NS
FACILITATORS: Diane LeBlanc, Andy Dansie, Kate Calnan
COST: $275 (includes materials, nutrition breaks and lunch)



It can be difficult to adapt to new situations and it can seem like there are just so many things changing at once, with no reprieve in sight!

Change is so rapid and widespread that many people no longer expect to have a time of stillness. Even when you are eager for situations to shift (and really, many of the changes we face are out of our control), we can become unwell as our minds, spirits, and bodies are overwhelmed with the demand to change.

Who is this program for?

This program is designed to inspire and support leaders in churches, and other organizations, who are responsible for managing change for themselves and their teams. It offers insight and practical tools to empower leaders to transition from within and produce positive and sustainable outcomes.

Program Objectives

Transitions, a model of the human response to change, offers an opportunity to reduce the chaos associated with change. At the conclusion of this hands-on workshop, participants will have gained competencies as follows:

  • By considering the difference between change, which is shifting situations, and transitions, which is the human psychological and spiritual process of adapting to change, you will gain wisdom that enables you to become more patient with yourself and supportive to others.
  • Understanding the transitions process will provide you with a framework to feel and think differently while adapting to work or life changes.
  • Transitions training will assist you to more effectively tap into your own and others’ creativity while reducing the suffering that goes along with change fatigue and anxiety.

About the Facilitators

Diane LeBlanc

After leading and collaborating with people aiming to transform the telecommunications industry, Diane indulged in education. She completed a BSc (Hon) in psychology and statistics, an MSc in industrial-organized psychology, is presently working toward her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Driven by a need to understand behaviour, armed with the knowledge that workplaces are critically important to well-being, and excited by the power of people working collaboratively, Diane has developed practical approaches that help people and organizations to realize their potential. With so much at stake for all Canadians, the education and healthcare systems have become the focus of much of Diane’s work.

In addition to her formal education, Diane has substantial knowledge and experience in organizational development activities related to leadership, organizational change, and conflict management. Diane continues to conduct research and contribute to the peer-reviewed literature on topics such as incivility and work conflict. Her primary goal is to improve workplaces by partnering with leaders to implement evidence-based processes designed to improve the well-being and functioning of individuals and organizations.

Andy Dansie

Andy spent his twenties exploring his own life purpose, working on an organic farm in India and in the forests of the Swiss Alps. While living with monks and working with the homeless in Uruguay he discovered a passion for nursing the terminally ill. Spending fifteen years as a registered nurse in many clinical settings, he began designing conditions and facilitating processes to enhance the lives and practice of other health professionals.  More recently, Andy has focused on organizational development and change.

Andy expanded his professional repertoire with Co-Active Coach training, Organizational Relationship Coaching, Co-Active Leadership Training, Transformative Mediation training (leading to certification), Leadership Embodiment Teacher Training, Peer Spirit Circle hosting, Open Space Technology Facilitation and ALIA leadership courses.

Kate Calnan

Kate is an Organizational Development consultant and part-time Professor of Occupational Health and Safety in the Psychology and Management Departments at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. Kate has an MSc in Applied Psychology and is currently working on her PhD in Industrial / Organizational Psychology. Kate has been awarded many research grants including a doctoral scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research council. Driven by a strong interest in what makes organizations profitable, healthy and safe places for work, Kate has focused her studies on organizational functioning and employee well being, with emphasis on workplace violence, conflict and leadership. Kate and has presented her research at many conferences around the world as well as contributed to several edited books.

In recent years Kate has collaborated with colleagues to build an ever-growing consultancy aimed at helping organizations work toward optimal performance by improving leadership processes. In this role, Kate strives to provide high quality, empirically based approaches, customized to meet individual client needs.