The Hymn Society 2023 Annual Conference: Land, Language, and Liberation

July 16, 2023 - July 19, 2023
July 16 (3pm) to July 19 (9pm), 2023
Member $475.00 Non-Member $535.00 Student or Participating Spouse/Partner $370.00 Single Day $200.00 June 15 and after Digital $350.00 Conference Meal Plan: $225.00 Single Occupancy room with hall bath (not air conditioned) – 4 nights: $300.00 Double Occupancy hotel-style room with private bath (air conditioned) – 4 nights: $360.00 Bus Transportation Fee: $30

Once again, The Hymn Society’s Annual Conference will be accessible both in-person and digitally. Here’s what digital attendees can expect:

  • All Plenary events will be streamed live.
  • All Hymn Festivals will also be streamed live.
  • One Featured Session during each time slot will be streamed live.
  • One Sectional in each of the five time slots will be streamed live. Any Sectionals that are originally presented digitally will also be accessible to digital participants.

All events that are streamed will also be recorded for later viewing. All digitally accessible material, whether streamed live or recorded, will be available to view online for an extended period after the end of the conference.

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