The Diploma in Lay Ministry (Dip. L.M.) II

November 9, 2011 - November 29, 2011

Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada:

Who We Are:

Wycliffe Canada is a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators International, an association of independent organizations serving in more than 70 countries. Wycliffe exists to help the Church translate God’s Word.

Founded by William Cameron Townsend in 1942, Wycliffe provides financial services, publicity and other support for field personnel serving around the world.

Mission Statement:

“To empower indigenous people worldwide for spiritual, personal and social growth through Bible translation and other language-related ministries.”

Wycliffe’s History:

In 1934, William Cameron Townsend and L.L. Legters founded “Camp Wycliffe” as a linguistics training school. Naming it after pre-Reformaiton hero John Wycliffe, who first translated the Bible into English, Townsend resolved that every man, woman and child should be able to read God’s Word in their own language.

The first training school, held in an abandoned farmhouse in Arkansas, attracted two students. In 1942, Wycliffe Bible Translators was launched to support the field work of its partner organization, the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL).

Wycliffe Canada’s ministries began in 1951. Today, our head office in Calgary, Alberta oversees the work of more than 450 Canadians involved in Bible translation, literacy and other language-related activities around the world.

Volunteer Opportunities

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