Summer Getaways

July 8, 2012 - August 27, 2012
Offered by Naramata Centre
Naramata VOH 1NO BC

Are you dreaming of a summer get-away to somewhere that will feed your soul, surrounded by laughter, delicious fruit and water lapping at the shore? All this and more can be yours…

Just like the airplanes traveling to exotic holiday destinations that want every seat full. We want every Naramata Centre program seat full this summer.

There is space in a few programs, accommodation and camping. >

July 8-14: All workshops have space available at this time

July 15 to 21: All programs have space available at this time

July 22 to 28: (7 choices) Singing, Rhythm & Body Percussion; Yoga; Canoeing; Games; The Book of Ruth; Pottery; Digital Photography

July 29 to Aug 4: (6 choices) Going Global – Singing & Drumming with Spirit!; Healing Pathway Phase I; Reel Justice: Social Issues in Contemporary Cinema; Drawing with Colour; Pottery; Making Art/Making Meaning

Aug 5 to 11: (4 choices) Widening Embrace – Women in Song; Wonder Walks; Circle Dance; Pottery

August 12-18: All choirs have space available at this time

August 21 to 27: (7 choices) Singing; Yoga for All Ages; Walking; Games; The Art of God Wrestling; Spirit Drum; Digital Photography

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