Program Weeks


Summer Week 1: 29 June – 6 July 2019

With Young Adult Summer Leaders and Roswitha Masson

June 29 – July 6, 2019
Come join us for Summer  Week 1 where our programs include Children’s Programs and Slow Flow Yoga …

Summer Week 2: 6 July – 13 July 2019

With Jennifer Herzog, Donald Schmidt and Daphne and Tony Matthews

July 6 – 13, 2019
Come join us for Summer Week 2 where our programming includes Feldenkrais for Life:Improving your Movement, Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, and Be a Musical Star! …

Summer Week 3: 13 July – 20 July 2019

With Linnea Good, David Jonsson, Claire Davis and Jennifer Beavington, Lee Beavington, Philip Stephen and Young Adult Summer Leaders

July 13 – 20, 2019
Come join us for Summer Week 3 where our programming includes Singing on Top of the World, Guitar 101, Mama Rise: Nurturing our Whole Selves in Motherhood, Nature, Creativity and Wonder, Dungeons and Dragons: Faith and Friendship, and Children’s Programs …

Summer Week 4: 20 July – 27 July 2019

With LeAnn Blackert, Lesly Comrie and Michele Walker, Marilyn Perry, Margy Jalbert, Heather Parlane, James Clendenan and Jasmine Robertson and Eleni Black

July 20 – 27, 2019
Come join us for Summer Week 4 where our programming includes Wild Church, Play with Clay, Fun Dance, Surprised by Joy – Watercolours in Summer, Spaghetti Engineering: A Structure for Life, and Naramata Children’s Program …

Summer Week 5: 27 July – 3 August 2019

With Susan Norie, Sarah Thomas, Eleni Black and Ellen Hunter-Perkins, John Horsman, Yanti Rowland and Young Adult Summer Leaders

July 27 – August 3, 2019
Come join us for Summer Week 5 where our programming includes Easy Tai Chi, Canning in Community, Holistic Listening & Pathfinding, Developing your Voice: Community Choir, and Children’s Program …

Summer Week 6: 3 August – 10 August 2019

With Roswitha Masson, Tim Scorer, Yanti Rowland, Scorer Family, Devon Goldie and Dennis Evans

August 3 – 10, 2019
Come join us for Summer Week 6 where our programming includes Slow Flow Yoga, Contracting with Mystery, Learn to Play Ukulele, Building Together, and Creations’ Medicine: Making Remedies & Calming Crafts …

Summer Week 7: 10 August – 17 August – Lift Every Voice 2019

With Morna Edmundson, Elizabeth Paynter, Liz DiMarino, Anita Perlau, Shirley Jorgensen and Young Adult Summer Leaders

August 10 – 17, 2019

Join us for our annual Lift Every Voice! choral experience – come and sing, come and stretch, or come and relax! Age-and-stage appropriate music and other activities build community, share gifts, and strengthen your…


Summer Week 8: 17 August – 24 August 2019

With Don Wade, Carle Duguid, Allison Rennie and Young Adult Summer Leaders

August 17 – 24, 2019
Come join us for Summer Week 8 where our programming includes The Gospel Jazz Band, Instruments in Worship, SoulCollage and Children’s Programs …

Summer Week 9: Youth & Young Adult Week 2019 (August 24 – 31)
August 24 – 31, 2019
A week of contemplative thought, music, arts, outdoor recreation and fun purposely targeted at youth and young adults. Come nourish your mind, body and spirit as we create community in a safe and inclusive environment before the summer ends …