Say No To Stroke And Alzheimer’s

October 31, 2017 - November 3, 2017
West Park NY
Say No To Stroke And Alzheimer’s 
Tuesday, October 31 – Friday, November 3
Led by Dr. Alleyne B. Fraser, MD
Dr. Alleyne B. Fraser
We all want to live long healthy lives. We want to think clearly into old age. We want to avoid strokes and dementia. But how do we do that? Many people think that brain health is all about luck, good genes, or just hoping for the best. But did you know there are 10 Steps you should be taking every day to reduce your risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s? This retreat will help you make the connection between body and brain. With the group and in individual time with the leader you’ll learn what to do, and then make your plan to achieve optimal brain and overall health.
Alleyne B. Fraser, MD has a B.A. in biology from Harvard College and an M.D. from SUNY/Upstate Medical University. She completed a neurosurgery residency at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and has been practicing neurosurgery for more than 20 years. In addition to treating patients for stroke, brain tumors, herniated discs, and other brain and spine conditions, she educates people on brain health through her website and blog,  
Cost: $300, deposit: $80