Peace and Friendship Gathering

August 16, 2016 - August 19, 2016
Tatamagouche NS

Peace and Friendship Gathering “JIKSITUI” 2016

  Aug 16 – Aug 19, 2016 Tue 12:00 PM – Fri 2:00 PM $390.00

This year’s theme “JIKSITUI” is a Mi’kmaq word that can be interpreted as “Listen to Me” we will be using this word in the context “Listen to the Spirits of our people”.

This  gathering is a four-day opportunity to gain knowledge around Aboriginal spirituality and traditional practices. Led by a group of recognized and experienced elders and ceremonial leaders everything happens in the context of the ceremony on the first day and closes in the same way at the end of the fourth. Throughout the gathering, from time to time, there will be smudging with sacred plants. A sweat lodge will be available for anyone who wishes to participate. Participation in any of these ceremonies is voluntary.

The purpose of the gathering is to create a space where both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can start to build relationships of Peace and Friendship. We will learn of our Peace and Friendship Treaties, which were signed mutually by our ancestors in the eighteenth century and then largely ignored, with the result that a great many promises were broken and have still not been honoured. Our learnings will largely take place in traditional “talking circles”, where neighbours will discover a new and much gentler and more respectful way of communicating with each other. There will be many opportunities to talk and learn much more about each other, thus helping with community building.

The Gathering will start at 12 pm on Tuesday August 16 until 2pm on Friday August 19. It is hoped that most participants will be able to stay for all four days, but people are free to come for a day only.

The cost for the entire 4 days is $390 including all meals and shared overnight accommodations.
The day rate without an overnight stay is $95.
Please register at least two weeks in advance to secure your spot in this gathering!

There are bursaries available for seniors 55+. Click here for the bursary application. Other financial support may be available through sponsors such as church, union, organization, etc.