Directed Prayer Weekends

Loyola House

Directed Prayer Weekends December 2-4, 2011 2011-$255 Cdn – Residential $155 Cdn – Commuter For more information please visit the website.

Male Spirituality Circle

Five Oaks Centre

Male Spirituality Circle Five Oaks offers this judgment free, life-affirming event for courageous men of spirit to explore relationships, spiritual issues and ultimately themselves through the sharing of conversation, song, stories and poetry in a sacred trust circle, with lots of free time for naps, personal reflection, hikes, reading and enjoying each other’s company. The …
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Clergy Coaching Program

Six Oaks Consulting - Canadian Ministry Development Services

Clergy Coaching Program Coaching facilitates change. It helps people move forward toward goals in both their work and personal lives by drawing on their own creativity and resourcefulness as the source of change. It involves setting aside time for learning using reflection, inquiry and intentional action. This strategy for learning is increasingly being recognized as …
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Advent Retreat Day 2011

Tatamagouche Centre

Advent Retreat Day 2011 As we enter the Advent season, a time of active waiting, anticipation and hope, pause for a day of centering and quiet reflection, away from pressures of the season. Karen MacLeod-Wilkie will guide us, using prayer, reflection, music and worship. Known for her creative leadership in worship, Karen is a United …
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Urban Theology

Gladstone's Library

Urban Theology Monday 5th – Friday 9th December An invitation to urban theologians and practitioners to come together and reflect on their urban experience as they attempt to forge a distinctive urban theology. Cost: £200 For more information please visit the website.