Jubilee Program for Spiritual Formation & Direction

Huron University College

Jubilee Program for Spiritual Formation & Direction Since 1990, the two-year Jubilee Program has offered to persons, lay and ordained, an opportunity to deepen their own spiritual formation and their capacity for the ministry of spiritual direction. It is a continuing education program with much of the work completed at home, and short residencies held …
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Lay Certificate Courses/Program

Huron University College

Lay Certificate in Theology Take one course, or plan to complete the Certificate Take non-university, short-term courses singly, for your own interest, or toward the Lay Certificate in Theology. There are no prerequisites; we are happy to offer lay people this opportunity to take special interest courses in a wide variety of topics. All courses …
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Changing Lives: Transformational Ministry and Today’s Teens

Huron University College

Changing Lives: Transformational Ministry & Today’s Teens Leader: Judy Steers (Pastoral Studies) A wealth of ideas, skills and tools for vital youth ministry for volunteers and professionals involved in youth ministry. When teens are invited to learn from every experience, reflect on their learning, apply it to their decisions, and act in a spirit of …
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Iona College Problem Gambling Institute Courses

Iona College

Upcoming Courses Iona College Problem Gambling Institute TBA Phase I: Course Description & Registration Information Accreditation: AIA and CCPC (for AGC–Associate Gambling Counsellor in Canada) ; ICRC/AODA (US) 30 hours Treating Victims of Compulsive Gambling is a four day workshop designed to provide an interesting and informative presentation on the nature of and recovery from …
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