St. Paul and the Early Church

St. George's College Jerusalem

F12 – St. Paul and the Early Church 01 May – 14 May, 2012 Course Description This course not only traces some of the journeys and thoughts of the Apostle Paul, but puts special focus on the history of the Early Church in Asia Minor, the Ecumenical Councils and the development of the creeds. Course …
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Risen With Christ

St. George's College Jerusalem

E12 – Risen With Christ 11 April – 18 April, 2012 Course Description This course enables participants to study aspects of the liturgical traditions of some of the Eastern Churches in Jerusalem, as well as to attend some of the Easter liturgies over Eastern Holy Week and Easter. Course Fees USD $2450 Course Dates Wednesday, …
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Palestine of Jesus

St. George's College Jerusalem

D12 – Palestine of Jesus 14 March – 27 March, 2012 Course Description This basic course provides the best introduction to the Holy Land, in a 14 day study tour both academic and devotional aspects. This course has been the most popular and most requested program at St. George’s College Jerusalem. Course Fees USD $2905 …
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Pilgrimage and Spirituality

St. George's College Jerusalem

C12 – Pilgrimage and Spirituality 21 February – 5 March, 2012 Course Description This course is a response to those who wish to renew and deepen their experience of the Holy Land, and is also open to first-time participants. The course is an “active retreat”, with focus on explorations of sacred landscapes and the pilgrimage …
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Exploration in Rome

Anglican Centre in Rome (The)

Monday 22 – Thursday 25 October 2012 Exploration in Rome A ‘mini-pilgrimage’ designed to enable independent travellers to explore their faith in the context of Rome and its centrality in Christian history. The course contains introductory talks on aspects of Rome, guided tours of several key Christian sites in Rome, attendance at the weekly Papal …
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