The Church Divinity School Of The Pacific Online Courses

Church Divinity School Of The Pacific (The)

Church Divinity school of the Pacific Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership Taking a CALL Online Course Is Easy! Many online classes offered by CALL are part of a series of courses in a particular field of study. Most series are offered in a two-year cycle, so courses not offered in the current year will …
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Diploma in Theology Courses

Thorneloe University

Associate in Theology (A.Th.): Overview This programme consists of a School of Theology leading to a diploma in theology (A.Th. “Associate in Theology”). The Diploma in Theology of Thorneloe University is designed for lay persons who are interested in increasing their knowledge and appreciation of Christian belief and practice. It is not intended, of itself, …
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Liberation Theology in Action

Centre for Christian Studies

CCS Programs Global Perspectives Experience Guatemala Liberation Theology in Action Global Perspectives Experience in Guatemala The next Global Perspectives Experience trip will be offered in 2006. (Dates to be announced) This course is a required course for our Integrating Year students, but is also being offered as a Continuing Education Course. This course is being …
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Adult Education Certificate in Theological Studies

Atlantic School Of Theology

Adult Education Certificate in Theological Studies (formerly ‘Certificate Program in Theological Studies’) This is a two-year program made up of four foundational non-credit components for people who want a basic grounding in biblical studies and theology. The four components are: Introduction to Christian Theology, Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures, Introduction to Christian Scriptures, and History, Theology …
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