Youth and Young Adult Ministry Studies Program

Boston Theological Institute (The)

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Studies Program: The Trustees of the BTI have also approved the creation of a program with certificate in Youth and Young Adult Ministry Studies. This program is based on the idea that recent research has suggested that many younger Christians are identifying their call to ministry with youth and young …
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Science and Religion Program

Boston Theological Institute (The)

Science and Religion Program: The Science and Religion program of the BTI, currently known as Interfase, promotes the interdisciplinary dialogue among the scientific disciplines, including that of theology, within the seminaries, schools of theology, universities, and local congregations of faith. Interfase includes a special relationship with the BTI Program in Religion and Ecology. Several courses …
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Focused Ecumenical Theological Education (FETE) Program

Boston Theological Institute (The)

Focused Ecumenical Theological Education (FETE) Program: International Mission and Ecumenism The Trustees of the BTI have promoted a program in Focused Ecumenical Theological Education (FETE) for the past several years. This program, operated through the International Mission and Ecumenism faculty committee and out of the Central Office of the BTI, has developed a four-year cycle …
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Anglican Layreaders Preparatory Course (Distance Learning)

Mount Saint Vincent University

Anglican Layreaders Preparatory Course Offered in association with the Diocesan Layreaders Association of NS & PEI This program prepares individuals for licensing as Layreaders in the Anglican Church. Study at home or in your parish church through a series of 12 videotaped lectures and complete handbook. The course prepares individuals for all the duties of …
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Center for Anglican Communion Studies

Virginia Theological Seminary

Center for Anglican Communion Studies Supporting the Engagement of Anglican Leaders and Scholars in Study, Research, and Conversation. The history of Virginia Seminary has been one of active involvement in the mission of the Anglican Communion, and today the Center for Anglican Communion Studies serves Anglican leaders and scholars from around the world with the …
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