On Sabbatical: Three-Month Program

September 4, 2019 - November 29, 2019

Three Month

On Sabbatical: Three-Month Program

September 4th – November 29th, 2019.  Education Enrichment weeks to be announced. 

The Three-Month program enables the participants the time needed for a more in-depth study of the various topics mentioned in “The Tantur Experience” as more classroom time is given to each topic.  Various other relevant topics are included both in a classroom setting and after-dinner talks. Additional field trips to Christian villages in the West Bank, the Dome of the Rock, and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem are arranged. Participants on this program are often invited to a Shabbat meal with a Jewish family following the Synagogue service.  Towards the end of the course there is a free week (no lectures or trips organized) to allow participants to revisit favorite sites, arrange their own trips, or stay in Tantur to use the wonderful library.  Most weeks have a Reading Day when no lectures or trips are scheduled. These, with the free week, are an established and valued feature of this longer course. They allow time to follow one’s own interest through reading, prayer, and/or visiting sites not included in the program.

Please note: exciting new Educational Enrichment modules have been added to the Three Month Program that will provide a whole new learning experience for approximately a third of the program. Contact the Programs Office at [email protected] for more details, or visit the Educational Enrichment subsection of the website.