National Worship Conference 2012

June 9, 2012 - July 2, 2012
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National Worship Conference

Beyond the Fortress

Winnipeg 2012

This conference is a product of the Anglican and Lutheran full communion; to share in the joy of our endeavour, experience fresh ideas, challenge
ourselves and engage the world around us.

June 29 – July 2, 2012

The National Worship Conference is a biennial conference sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada. The Conference welcomes participation by clergy and laity of these two churches as well as clergy and laity from other churches who seek to build up the life of the Christian community through our worship so that we might serve the world God loves.

What does it mean to
go Beyond the Fortress?

As Christians, we have established meaningful traditions in our worship. In doing so, we have built “fortresses” around ourselves, in order to keep these traditions alive. For some the fortress is their church, for some it is their faith. We carefully guard our fortresses (with open doors – not closed doors), but we all feel safe and secure in our personal Fortress.

But what happens when we go Beyond our fortress. What happens when we leave our security, and move out into the community and witness our faith? Do we hide or guard the fortress, to make sure that nothing will change and our traditions are kept strong. How can we make worship more interesting and inviting and draw more people in? This has always been a topic at the forefront of discussions in the Church. It’s now more urgent than ever.

Come join us at the Conference to discuss with fellow Worship Leaders how to be comfortable beyond the fortress, and explore what happens when we move out and profess our faith to all who will listen.

Included in your pass:

•4 days of events

Early Registration $300.00

After April 30, 2012, registration fees will be $375.00

The National Worship Conference is for you…

Musicians and Liturgists

This conference provides unique opportunities for musicians and Liturgists to share and network ideas and resources. As this is a conference about worship much of our time in plenary and worship will draw upon the musical history and energy we share in the Anglican and Lutheran traditions, and of course beyond those traditions.

Rural and Small Church

The materials, context and theme of this event are intended to fully embrace and include rural and small church communities. We understand that rural and small church communities are vital centers of ministry and mission; that they have a story and resource to share, and that together we are the Church.

Workshops and Seminars

Names and descriptions of workshops and seminars will be provided as they become available. As the conference will take place over the 2012 Canada Day weekend, we wish to offer hospitality to families who like to spend time together over holidays.

Conference website:

For more information please visit the website.

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