Naramata Centre Summer 2013

July 7, 2013 - August 24, 2013
Offered by Naramata Centre
Naramata BC

Summer Weeks 2013

 For the Turning of the World




/managed-media/images/echoes-of-love.jpgWeek 1: Echoes of Love July 7th – July 13th, 2013

  July 7-10 Music Camp July 10-13 Imagine LBGTQ Retreat   July 7-10  Music Fest ~ I’ve Got the Music In Me ~ With workshops for; singers, dancers, musicians, and those who love to listen, draw, paint, …

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/managed-media/images/your-people-arise(0).jpgWeek 2: Your People Arise July 14th – July 20th, 2013

July 14-20 The Seventh Generation   July 14-17 Festival of Friends ~     Tending Body, Mind and Heart ~ With workshops in Pottery, leadership, photography, bicycle maintenance, scrabble, wreath …

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/managed-media/images/marvelous-mystery.jpgWeek 3: Marvelous Mystery July 21st – July 27th, 2013

July 14 – 20

Children, youth and adults learn and play together. Most of this week’s morning programs are open to anyone entering grade three and older. “Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous  to be understood … Let me keep my distance, always, from those …

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/managed-media/images/a-voice-cries-out.jpgWeek 4: A Voice Cries Out … July 28th – August 3rd, 2013

July 28 – August 3

This theme might have us thinking about: It’s about change, Paying attention, Listening to prophetic voices and stories of pain, need, joy, delight, celebration, justice, world issues, the environment, Saints, Neighbours, Discernment, Responding, Being …

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/managed-media/images/be-your-longing.jpgWeek 5: Be-Your-Longing August 4th – August 10th, 2013

August 4 – 10

“If your soul is awakened, then you realize that this is the house of your real belonging. Your longing is safe there. Belonging is related to longing…Longing is a precious instinct in the soul. Where you belong should always be worthy of your dignity.”  …

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/managed-media/images/rooted-in-creation.jpgWeek 6: Rooted in Creation August 10th – August 16th, 2013

August 11 – 17

This theme might have us thinking about: Connections to the earth,  Responsibility-responsiveness, Stewardship, Healing, Restore and renew, Build, Transform, Relationship to others, Connection to our story roots, Creation Story, seeds, growing, …

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/managed-media/images/music-week-2012(1).jpgWeek 7: We Are Many Voices August 18th – August 24th, 2013

August 18 – 24

Music Week: A Celebration of Choral Music This theme might have us thinking about: Cooperation/collaboration, Courage to be heard because we have people supporting us, Risk taking, Solidarity, Strength in numbers, Fun, Empowerment, Common purpose, Listening, …

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