Missional Church Convocation 2012

July 26, 2012 - July 28, 2012

Missional Church Convocation 2012

July 26-28, 2012

Keynote Speaker: Debra Dean Murphy

Debra Dean Murphy embodies the best of the description of church leader, thinker, and educator. Debra is Assistant Professor of Religion and Christian Education at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Debra will bring her wisdom to the 2012 convocation around the dynamic intersection of formation and church as worshipping community. Some of her foundational work in this arena has been published in her book, Teaching that Transforms: Worship as the Heart of Christian Education. Debra likes books, movies, music, art, and politics – and she likes to think and write about how religion intersects all of these arenas. Her own blog, “Intersections: Thoughts on Religion, Culture, and Politics” is a prime example.

You won’t have to wait for the 2012 convocation to engage with Debra. Find her on her blog “Intersections” (part of the Christian Century’s CCblogs network), or engage with her clear and insightful contributions on God’s Politics Blog (Sojourners) blog.sojo.net. Debra currently chairs the board of Ekklesia Project (www.ekklesiaproject.org) and is a frequent contributor to the EP’s bLOGOS. Debra has also written for a number of publications, including Theology Today, Cross Currents, Modern Theology, and Christian Century.

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