Living Spiritual Teachers Project

January 1, 1970
New York CityNY

Living Spiritual Teachers Project is an ongoing special project by

“It may well be that the meeting of spiritual paths-the assimilation not only of one’s personal spiritual heritage, but that of the human community as a whole – is the distinctive spiritual journey of our time.”

-Ewert Cousins, Professor of Theology, Fordham University

The twenty-first century has been dubbed the “age of interspirituality” by Brother Wayne Teasdale and others who are impressed by the increased sharing of ultimate experiences among people of different spiritual traditions. Certainly publishers have taken note of the trend – making available an unprecedented array of resources from all the world’s religions.

Still, many of us only pay attention to teachers in our own tradition. The result is a missed opportunity to expand and deepen our faith by learning from sacred texts and practices of others.

We are pleased to announce that the “Living Spiritual Teachers Project” will be an ongoing project of this website. We hope these brief profiles – complete with background on each teacher, a bibliography, and a list of his or her distinctive contributions to the field – will make it easier for you to identify living teachers whose wisdom might augment your spiritual journey.

Marcus J. Borg

Joan Chittister

Pema Chodron

William Sloane Coffin

Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

Thich Nhat Hanh

Andrew Harvey

Edward Hays

Thomas Keating

Harold Kushner

Lawrence Kushner

Ram Dass

Sharon Salzberg

Rami Shapiro

Brother David Steindl-Rast

Joyce Rupp

Robert Thurman

Jim Wallis

Macrina Wiederkehr

Marianne Williamson