Holy Wisdom, Mother of God: An Advent Retreat

December 7, 2017 - December 10, 2017
Collegeville MN

Holy Wisdom, Mother of God: An Advent Retreat

Thursday, December 7 – Sunday, December 10; 2017 

Offered by Matthew Wright

$75/Saturday or $395/Full Retreat

Join us for a long weekend of chant, teaching, and contemplative practices to nourish the spiritual heart.  Together we will explore devotion to the Divine Feminine in the Jewish and Christian traditions, particularly under the guises of Sophia, or Wisdom, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  Attention will be given to insights from mystics Thomas Merton and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who acknowledged Christ at the center of creation and further beyond.

People of all spiritual traditions are welcome, especially the majority who affiliate with None.  One prerequisite is a healthy curiosity toward what quite prayer within a framework of silence and solitude may offer anyone on a journey.