High Desert Journey: Expedition For Body And Soul

July 27, 2015 - August 2, 2015

High Desert Journey: Expedition For Body And Soul

Workshop ID: G15S741
Dates: July 27August 2
Price: $835.00$1,495.00


This thin place calls you to explore, to learn, to stop and listen to the voice deep inside your soul, reminding you of all you are and all you have yet to become. Hike the little known nooks and crannies of Ghost Ranch and the surrounding area with long time instructor Connie Burkhart as she creates an experience unique to even seasoned guests of the Ranch. As a scientist, artist, worship leader and musician, she will lead you on an eclectic mix of experiences that blend earth science and the arts while hiking, swimming, floating, creating space for the spirit and sharing adventures through exploration of rare sites and seldom seen areas of the ranch.

You will be led on unmarked trails with stories of the history, geology and archaeology of the region. Time will be given to sense sacred space in the wilderness, where the journey is as important as getting to the destination. You will have time to breathe and hear the desert silence. Attention will be given to the ancient stories of the land and people as they draw out the treasures of the soul. Built in to the seminar will be time to share your ‘journey’ in whatever way you are moved – maybe a sketch, a song, a poem, a photograph or a journal entry.

Hikes will include two long all day adventures. Participants must be able to hike at 6,500+ feet for multiple hours in a day. Experiences will also include time at the lake, a field trip to the Jemez Mnts, sunset at Blackie’s Cabin and a day trip down the Chama River.