Film as Religion, Revisited: Conversations, Questions and Future Prospects

October 12, 2018 - October 14, 2018

Film as Religion, Revisited: Conversations, Questions and Future Prospects

12th October – 14th October 2018

This weekend brings together John Lyden and Clive Marsh who have written and conversed about religion and film for 20 years. Take another look at John’s book Film as Religion: Myths, Morals, and Rituals (due to appear in a second edition during 2018) and his thesis that film-viewing is a practice in many ways similar to religion. John will present his latest reflections and stimulate discussion about the continued relevance of the questions it raised.

Learn about the broader context of how religion and popular culture inter-relate and explore questions such as; are the practices of popular culture like religion, and in what ways do they differ? What are the advantages and pitfalls of connecting the two? Is popular culture given too much credit for influencing beliefs and values, or too little? To what extent is this influence positive, negative, or a combination of the two? How are the new ways of accessing popular culture affecting how TV, film and music are used? An exciting and provocative weekend is assured!

Residential prices start from £230, non-residential from £160. Discount rates for clergy and students apply.

For more information or to book, please call 01244 532350 or email [email protected].