Discernment & Vocation:

July 4, 2014 - July 28, 2014
Toronto ON


Women at a Crossroads: July 4-27, 2014

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Discernment & Vocation:
For women seeking direction in their lives

July 4-28, 2014

“Women at a Crossroads” is a program for women seeking God’s guidance in living out their baptismal call.

This 3 1/2-week program, held each summer, is for women who are intentionally committed to seeking God’s guidance in living out their baptismal call – in business or professional careers, in homemaking or lay careers, in the church, in ordained ministry or life in a religious community, or in the many other ways in which we may serve God.

You may be called to participate in this program if you are interested in:

  • sharing in an intentional Christian community
  • learning how to live a balanced life of prayer, service, study, rest and recreation
  • engaging in classes and discussions about Christian life and vocation
  • receiving personal guidance in deepening your prayer life
  • discerning God’s will for your life

There is no fee for room and board, but participants contribute to the life of the Community by sharing in the Sisters’ work. A monetary contribution (tax deductible) may be made to the Sisterhood.

For more information and applications forms, please contact

Kelly Clark
The Sisterhood of St. John the Divine
St. John’s Convent
233 Cummer Ave, Toronto, ON M2M 2E8
Phone: 416-226-2201, Ext. 301
Fax: 416-222-4442
Email: [email protected]

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