Contemplative Quiltmaking

May 4, 2018 - May 6, 2018

Contemplative Quiltmaking

Asake Denise Jones

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May 4, 2018 6:30 PM until May 6, 2018
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Looking to slow down and move at a more relaxed pace? Creative handwork absorbs us into a timeless world where we can connect with our deeper, truer selves. As you focus mindfully on piecing and stitching, you will find your natural rhythm and free your mind for new insights, solutions to knotty problems, and a deeper connection to your soul. Opportunities for gentle movement, journaling, and meditation will complement our quiltmaking activities. Emerge refreshed with an art quilt to remind you of the balance, reflection, and self-renewal you experienced in the retreat.

(This retreat is for those with some skill sewing by hand and/or machine. Limit of 14.)

Frequently Asked Questions:
•Do I need to know how to quilt in order to participate?
No, you don’t need to know how to quilt. However, you should be skilled in basic hand or machine sewing.
•How much experience do I need to have to participate?
All skill levels are welcome. However, you must be comfortable and experienced with basic hand sewing, and if you are going to use a machine, you must know how the sewing machine functions and experienced in using a sewing machine.
•What is an “art quilt” vs. a regular quilt?
“An art quilt is an original exploration of a concept or idea rather than the handing down of a “pattern”. It experiments with textile manipulation, color, texture and/or a diversity of mixed media.” (
•Is this only for women?
All people are welcome to participate. This is not gender-specific in any way.
•How much teaching of quilting techniques will there be relative to individual time working on our quilts?
Each day Asake will do a short demonstration of a technique. You will then spend time working independently on your piece, with restoration breaks (gentle movement, journaling, and meditation) as needed. Asake will be there to guide and support you with applying the techniques and holding the space for your discoveries. At the end of the day retreatants will all come together for honoring and sharing what they discovered.
•Can I bring handwork that I am already working on, or is the goal to make one piece in the allotted time?
The focus is to create a piece that serves as a metaphor for contemplation and mindfulness at the retreat. Asake encourages you to take this time to create a piece that is a visual memory of your experience.
•What do I need to bring?
— a 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” photo of yourself;
— a selection of fabric (cotton prints and solids) in 4-6 colors, including a variety of light, medium, and dark colored fabrics)(1/4 yard of each, or fat quarters of each color that brings you joy);
— one spool of medium gray thread and a spool of thread that complements or contrasts with your fabric choices; and
— a basic sewing kit consisting of fabric scissors, paper scissors, hand sewing needles, seam ripper, tape measure, straight pins, and rotary cutter with a new blade.
•What does the materials fee cover?
The materials fee covers the cost of batting, backing fabric, embroidery floss, fusible web, beads, buttons, various mixed media and image transfer material.  You are invited to bring:
— Your own sewing machine with extra needles and bobbins if you are planning to do machine stitching.
— Additional fabric to share.
— Buttons, beads, or other ornaments you may wish to apply to your quilt.

Asake Denise Jones, M.A., M.Ed. is dually certified as a life coach and transformative arts facilitator who works with individuals, groups, communities and organizations to create action plans for transforming stress. She incorporates art, spirituality, mindfulness, science & evidence based practices. Asake has more than 20 years facilitating workshops and retreats in the areas of education, personal development and mixed media fiber art.

Cost $365 includes double occupancy room, board and tuition