Anglican History & Theology

This course integrates history and theology together in away that shows how doctrine matters in shaping the mission of the church in every generation. It gives the opportunity for students to discover how doctrine has been contextualized in church practice, and how God has restored and renewed his wayward church time and again.

Learning to Think Ethically with the Christian Tradition

To some extent the history of Christian ethics the history of interpretation of biblical ethical teaching. An increasingly ‘moral’ reading of Scripture emerged with the privileging of the plain (or double literal) sense during the late medieval period. As one considers the bible was looked to in Franciscan moral theology in particular then one becomes …
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Spiritual & Emotional Formation for Christian Leadership: Research and Practice

Many who have served in various ministry capacities (e.g., as pastors, missionaries, lay church leaders, etc…) are intimately familiar with the potential dark realities of the ministry environment. Ministry is often fraught with many difficulties and challenges, imposing significant stress upon one’s spiritual life, marital and family relationships, and upon one’s emotional and physical well-being. …
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The Spirituality of Paul

This course will examine the nature of Paul’s spirituality—the transformative, lived experience of participating in Christ by the power of God’s Spirit—as it applies to believing communities, individual believers, and ministers in Paul’s own day and in the life of the contemporary church. The class will combine close reading of selected passages and themes with …
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