Future of Work and Workers

The unprecedented convergence of the forces of globalization, urbanization, changing demographics, and climate change are already fundamentally changing the way we live and work. While the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics have improved productivity and efficiency and increased convenience, they have raised concerns over the number of jobs being lost due to …
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Academic Writing

This course is designed to help students engage in graduate research and to write the papers that will be required during their course of study at Regent. Students will receive instruction in reading and thinking critically and in improving their writing skills. The course is especially appropriate for those who have a technical (rather than …
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Making Meaning in a time of Media Polarization

An Inter-Religious Conference Available via online, in-person, and hybrid formats Conference Theme Religious and spiritual teachers help people interpret their experiences and find meaning in their lives. This work is urgently needed in our time. Radio, television, and news groups sow polarization. Social media cultivates outrage. In the public sphere, disinformation mixes freely with information. …
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Teaching Ministry

This introductory course focuses on biblical and theological understandings of Christian education and community formation for discipleship and mission. It explores techniques, tools and technology for improving the effectiveness of those who teach and those who learn in a congregational setting. Teaching in your local parish is an energizing way to spread the Gospel. Sharpen …
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Children & Spiritual Identity

The study of children and childhood are now hot topics across a range of academic disciplines including philosophy, anthropology, literature, theology, and history. The historical study of childhood began with Philippe Ariès’s ground-breaking work, L’Enfant et la Vie Familiale sous l’Ancien Régime (1960) (published in English as Centuries of Childhood in 1962), which argued that …
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Living Scripture

EW03 Living Scripture is an education and worship learning circle focusing on practical bible study, understanding and interpreting the bible in context, and the theology of revelation. It will be an opportunity to explore scripture’s significance for us and our communities. Register for EW03 Living Scripture  

Teaching and Learning

This course uses group and experiential learning to provide participants with growing confidence in their identity as communicators in diverse teaching situations, aware of the diversities in learners and instructional methodologies relevant to Christian educational ministry.