Deacon Certificate Program

Curriculum – Deacon Track Fulfilling all the requirements of the Stevenson School for a certificate does not guarantee your ordination.  Your Bishop and your Commission on Ministry will make final determinations.  However, our curriculum leading to a certificate is an ideal way to prepare you for this ministry. To apply for this certification track, please …
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Priest Certificate Program

For a comprehensive list of the competencies developed in our Priest Track curriculum, click here. Curriculum – Priest Track One of the special gifts of the Stevenson School is its ability to support you in the path towards priesthood without assuming that you are going to leave full-time employment or relocate to a traditional seminary.  …
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List of Online Courses from CALL

This page should provide up-to-date links to all the courses currently being offered online, as well as links to the in-person courses available at this seminary.  

Bi-Vocational Ministry: An Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Gigs, and Side Hustles

Sometimes the questions interrupt you in the middle of the day. Other times they keep you up at night. You wonder if you’re using all of your gifts or skills. Maybe you worry that you’ve plateaued. There’s a restlessness that’s hard to shake—a need to get unstuck, and now. For a growing number of faith …
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Association of Episcopal Deacons 2021 Conference

PIVOT FROM PANIC: DEACONS FOR A POST-PANDEMIC CHURCH La traducción al español se retrasa. Vuelve de nuevo la semana que viene.Lo siento mucho. ​A newly designed A3D Conference, all online and affordable at $65.00! ​​For all those interested in deacon formation, supervision and pastoral care.  Each diocese envisions the diaconate in a contextually customized way.  When the …
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