Introduction to New Testament Greek I

Learn the foundational vocabulary, morphology, grammar, and syntax you need in order to translate large portions of the Greek New Testament by the end of the summer. The pace is rapid and the workload is heavy, but many students find the immersion experience to be richly rewarding.

Introductory Old Testament Hebrew I

Learn the basic morphology, syntax, and vocabulary of biblical Hebrew, laying the foundations for a lifetime of reading the original text of the Old Testament. Techniques will first involve reading and writing, and then listening, speaking, and acting. Deepen your connections to the language to sustain both long-term retention and fluency of reading.

Intensive Greek or Hebrew studies–Summer session

Classes may be over for the academic year, but summer language is just around the corner. And great news: it’s available to current students AND non-degree students!This summer, Princeton Theological Seminary is offering introductory Greek and Hebrew intensive language courses online. These eight-week courses are open to both incoming degree students and non-degree students. They …
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Introduction to Greek II

Greek II is a continuation of Greek I. The course introduces and immerses the student into Koine Greek grammar and vocabulary that will aid in translating the New Testament. Since this is an asynchronous course, the student is expected to work at their own pace (optimally, at one chapter per week) and submit the assignments …
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