Introduction to Koine Greek

This course gives students a working knowledge of New Testament Greek to assist their study of the New Testament for the sake of Christian teaching and preaching. This 10-week course will be taught by Collin Cornell on Monday nights from 8:30-9:30PM, starting on May 24. This course will be conducted weekly on Zoom. Class materials …
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Master of Theological Studies

We are excited to announce that the faculty has just approved a new Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree, which will replace our current MA(TS) degree program. The new MTS program builds on our historic strengths, while offering more focus and more flexibility. We’re taking this degree to the next level so that we can equip …
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Courses for Spring and Summer Sessions, 2022

This page has a full listing of all the courses Regent is offering during their Spring and Summer Sessions. All are expected to be available online, unless there is a travel component. The ones that are of particular interest for Continuing Education are also listed in this database.

BE105 Introductory Greek I

Online: Asynchronous, which means you don’t work with a group and you can start at anytime; taught by Dr. Adam Wright  

Program Links

You will find links to all of Yale’s programs on this page.  

Course Schedule: Acadia Divinity College

This link should list all of the courses currently scheduled at the College. Approximately half of them appear to be available online as of April, 2022.