Continuing education course of assistance in parish ministry (Testimonial)

By Jeanette Lewis

I took a course offered at Conrad Grebel College, University of Waterloo on June 14-16, 2011 called Spiritual Leadership with speaker Graham Standish.

It was based on several of his books published by the Alban Institute, one of which was Becoming a Blessed Church. It was because of this book that I took the course as the parish that I serve had used it to begin the process of working towards discerning God’s path for us.

We have moved on to utilizing NCD however are not sure that this will work for us so wanted to take the course so that if we decided to utilize the book and the direction that it was taking us I had more information.

I found that he was a very dynamic speaker, wasn’t sure that the forum he used which was all lecture was the best. It led to a lot of specific questions from folks about their specific problems and a lot of time spent dealing with them in front of the whole group. Might have been better or more advantageous for more folks if we had small groups formed and worked on things in them. His style is definitely lecture though.

I don’t regret taking the course, I did come away with some stuff that I think the parish will be able to use no matter what course we decide to take.

God bless

The Rev Jeanette Lewis
Anglican Parish of Bobcaygeon, Dunsford & Burnt River

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