When in Rome be one in Rome

By Hannah Barr 24 September 2018  A former member of the Lambeth Palace-based Community of St Anselm, Hannah Barr, currently an ordinand in training, reflects on lessons about Christian unity. Christian unity had never really bothered me, if I’m honest. I grew up in joint Anglican-Baptist church, which didn’t really mean much aside from periodic … Continue reading “When in Rome be one in Rome”

Intentional choosing

  By Katy Hirst 11 September 2018 The Community of St Anselm is a youth-oriented new monastic movement based at Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s official-residence and office in London. As the next cohort prepare for their commissioning later this month, one of last year’s members, Katy Hirst, reflects on lessons that local churches … Continue reading “Intentional choosing”

Guest Blog: From nun school to vicar school

New post on The Community of St Anselm   By St Anselm Online   Guest blogger Claire Jones is a former NonResident Member, currently training for ordained ministry in the Church of England. She blogs at theartofuncertainty.com.  Applications for NonResident (and for Resident) membership are open now. Click here to start an application.    It’s been … Continue reading “Guest Blog: From nun school to vicar school”

Finding my voice in the scariness of silence

Dora Jejey 02 February 2018 Congolese-born actress and writer Dora Jejey is spending a Year in God’s Time as part of the Community of St Anselm, based at Lambeth Palace, London. In this post, she explores the scariness of silence, following a retreat in Cornwall. I recently went on my first silent retreat to an … Continue reading “Finding my voice in the scariness of silence”

Testimonial: “Speaking The Word Freely” by John E.K. Nicolle

  Testimonial: “Speaking The Word Freely” By The Rev. John E. K. Nicolle The Parish of Port Rexton Central Newfoundland     “Speaking The Word Freely” Presented by Jerry Larson at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center, Carefree, Arizona.   This three day course is Pastor Larson’s presentation on his method of taking a sermon text … Continue reading “Testimonial: “Speaking The Word Freely” by John E.K. Nicolle”