Book on ministry fails to gain traction

By Bishop (ret.) Patrick Yu January 8, 2018   Books aimed at helping congregations and ministries respond to the presence of diverse cultures in society, and churches, are always welcome. Changing Lanes, Crossing Cultures is written with that purpose in mind. As such, it takes the form of a training manual with six modules Under … Continue reading “Book on ministry fails to gain traction”

Great Canadian Speeches

GREAT CANADIAN SPEECHES Selected and Edited by Dennis Gruending, Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Markham, ON. $21.00 CAD. Paperback. 312 pages. 2006 ISBN #1-55041-752-5 Publisher’s Promo: A collection of the most powerful and moving oratory that Canada has to offer. Throughout history, men and women of great eloquence have persuaded their contemporaries to build nations, to make … Continue reading “Great Canadian Speeches”

Ian Johnson: The return of religion in China

Five religions are officially recognized in China, including the traditional religions of Taoism and Buddhism. Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson   All but destroyed during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, religious life — including Christianity — is once again on the rise in China, says the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of ‘The Souls of China.’ Tuesday, July 11, … Continue reading “Ian Johnson: The return of religion in China”

Finding God in suffering

By Laurel Parson on July 04, 2017 Endearing Pain: Life Lessons from MS Afflictions By Colleen Peters Wipf & Stock, 2016 130 pages ISBN: 978-1498237895   Why God? Suffering Through Cancer into Faith By Margaret Carlisle Cupit and Edward Henderson Wipf & Stock, 2015 172 pages ISBN: 978-1625644787   Suffering and faith have been the subject … Continue reading “Finding God in suffering”

David Bornstein: Unleash the change-making power

By Becca Stevens Priest and founder of Magdalene and Thistle Farms   Institutional leaders today all face the same challenge, says author and journalist David Bornstein: How do I unleash the creative capacity of every person in our institution? Tuesday, October 12, 2010 To paraphrase Bob Dylan, every institution is either busy dying or busy … Continue reading “David Bornstein: Unleash the change-making power”