The Triumph Of Christianity

THE TRIUMPH OF CHRISTIANITY How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World, by Bart D. Ehrman Simon and Schuster, Feb. 2018 Hardcover. 335 pages. $32.38 CAD. ISBN #978-1-5011-3670-2 Publishers Promo: From the bestselling authority on early Christianity, the story of how Christianity grew from a religion of twenty or so peasants in rural Galilee to the … Continue reading “The Triumph Of Christianity”

Journey through worldwide Anglicanism

By The Revd Canon Dr Stephen Spencer 10 April 2018  The Director for Theological Education in the Anglican Communion, the Revd Canon Dr Stephen Spencer, reviews “A Church Observed: Being Anglican as Times Change”, a new book by Andrew Norman. How can we get to know, in the words of Bishop John Hind, “the bewildering … Continue reading “Journey through worldwide Anglicanism”

Richard Rohr: Essential Teachings on Love

By Wayne Holst RICHARD ROHR Essential Teachings on Love Selected with an Introduction by Joelle Chase and Judy Traeger Orbis Spiritual Masters Series Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY Released March, 2018 263 pages, $28.76 CAD. $22.00 US ISBN #978-1-62698-269-7 Publishers Promo: Drawn from the many books, writings, and interviews by Richard Rohr, one of the most … Continue reading “Richard Rohr: Essential Teachings on Love”

The versatile talents of Dr. Florence Barton

By Diana Swift March 19, 2018 Dr. Florence Barton, a member of St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Penticton, is a retired veterinarian, a pilot and flight instructor, and author of more than a dozen detective novels. Photo: Contributed   Dr. Florence Barton is living testimony to the fact that some people are simply born more … Continue reading “The versatile talents of Dr. Florence Barton”

A refreshing take on how to worship in and beyond the sanctuary

By Wayne Holst January 4, 2018     Worshipful is a well-written, ecumenically informed reflection on what it means for moderns to be engaged in praising God—not just in formal services of worship, but through the week as faithful people. The author has read broadly and travelled widely—not just on familiar turf, but into territory … Continue reading “A refreshing take on how to worship in and beyond the sanctuary”