TEN STEPS ON FREEDOM ROAD Why the Commandments are Good News by Colleague John Badertscher Resource Publications, Wipf and Stock Publishers, Eugene, OR. 2019. 97 pages. $14.70 CAD paper. $3.90 CAD Kindle ISBN #978-1-5326-9395-3 Publisher’s Promo: The purpose of this book is to help those engaged in  Christian formation, or those who are exploring faith  … Continue reading “TEN STEPS ON FREEDOM ROAD”

We’re in this together

By Wayne Holst   As I read the articles on the statistical decline of the Anglican Church in Canada, the image of the “Spirit of Haida Gwaii” surfaced dramatically for me.  This iconic sculpture by Bill Reid has several versions—appearing at the Vancouver International Airport, the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Canadian Museum … Continue reading “We’re in this together”

New wineskins for new wine

By Alison Hari-Singh The Rev. Alison Hari-Singh is the Assistant curate, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Toronto.   The recent statistics report for the Anglican Church of Canada begs unavoidable questions: What factors account for the ongoing decline of the Anglican Church of Canada? And where is God in all of this? While 20th century theological shifts in ideas … Continue reading “New wineskins for new wine”

Demographic, cultural changes key to declining church membership: Sociologist of religion

By Matt Gardner Shifting immigration patterns and broader social changes are key factors in declining membership within the Anglican Church of Canada, according to a sociologist who studies religion in Canada. But while many Protestant denominations face similar challenges, growing congregations also exist within these traditions that share a number of common features. Joel Thiessen, a … Continue reading “Demographic, cultural changes key to declining church membership: Sociologist of religion”

Meeting of the APJN Steering Group

ANGLICAN PEACE AND JUSTICE NETWORK     he Anglican Peace and Justice Network (APJN) Steering Group met in Cuddington, Aylesbury, England, from December 2nd – 5th. In a spirit of prayerful reflection and sharing, those present affirmed and strengthened the network’s mission, which is based on the 4th Mark of Mission: ‘To seek to transform … Continue reading “Meeting of the APJN Steering Group”