Celebrating Libraries Week 7th – 12th October 2019

By Amy Sumner Happy Libraries Week!From 7th to 11th October, libraries of all kinds across the country will be celebrating the valuable work we do and the valuable spaces and collections (and readers!) we look after.The theme of this year is ‘celebrating libraries in a digital world’. Historic libraries and collections like ours have long … Continue reading “Celebrating Libraries Week 7th – 12th October 2019”

Presiding Bishop fields faith questions from Reddit users in ‘Ask Me Anything’ session

By David Paulsen He may have preached at a royal wedding, but he’s never committed himself to answering whatever questions the users of the social network Reddit might throw at him – until now.Presiding Bishop Michael Curry spent the afternoon of Oct. 10 participating in his first “Ask Me Anything,” a popular Reddit feature that … Continue reading “Presiding Bishop fields faith questions from Reddit users in ‘Ask Me Anything’ session”

Challenges draw Trinity and Wycliffe closer

As times change, two familiar seminaries are changing with them Among the various display booths spread throughout the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre at General Synod 2019, guests and delegates passed one that bore testament to a new spirit of collaboration between two prominent Anglican seminaries in Toronto.  Having previously shared a display booth at the … Continue reading “Challenges draw Trinity and Wycliffe closer”

Jason Byassee: The end of denominations?

What good do denominations do? What would be lost if they were gone? What if we woke up tomorrow and all the denominations were gone? Some commentators would cheer. Some, more sanguine, would mourn, but not for themselves. Many of us would be looking for jobs. But so what? The question is not “What if … Continue reading “Jason Byassee: The end of denominations?”

Brian D. McLaren: Denominations do invaluable things

A major figure in the emerging church talks about what’s good about denominations, the challenges the organizations face and some “wild ideas” for the future.   Editor’s note: As the Christian landscape changes, leaders must ask and answer a new question: What’s the future of denominations? This video is part of an occasional series that … Continue reading “Brian D. McLaren: Denominations do invaluable things”