“Reading Hope in Trying Times”

We know that many of you are under great stress due to the virus, and some of you have more time than usual at home. In either case, we invite you to enjoy an online video series called “Reading Hope in Trying Times” where we feature some of our author partners, each sharing their thoughts … Continue reading ““Reading Hope in Trying Times””

A National Call to Prayer on Lent 5

All around us, while many are in quarantine or self-isolation, the church is blossoming with prayer. We are digging deep into the heart of our faith to lift our voices in the sure and certain knowledge that the Holy Spirit hears our intercessions, thanksgivings and even our groans. Please join me in a national day … Continue reading “A National Call to Prayer on Lent 5”

Let Us Pray

By Gavin Drake The Director for Communications at the Anglican Communion Office, Gavin Drake, outlines new prayer resources on the official Anglican Communion website. Bakers bake bread – it is what they do. This sentence is something that I have used frequently to explain why Christians praying isn’t necessarily a news story. Of course, there … Continue reading “Let Us Pray”

Anglicans, Episcopalians lament UNCSW’s postponement, re-commit to gender justice work

By Lynette Wilson Plans change, and it’s OK to mourn or grieve a future that’s not to happen, said the Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool, assistant bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of New York.“But now you notice, I said, a future, not the future,” Glasspool said to a dozen or so women and men gathered March … Continue reading “Anglicans, Episcopalians lament UNCSW’s postponement, re-commit to gender justice work”

Why We Are Afraid to Invite

Michael Harvey: Why We Are Afraid to Invite “Christianity has always been a battle between faith and fear. We need to put our faith where our fear is.” Michael Harvey is an author, motivational speaker and founder of the Back to Church Sunday movement. He shares with us what he has learned around the world … Continue reading “Why We Are Afraid to Invite”