2020 RESOURCES: Climate Action + PWRDF

PWRDF’s 2020 annual resources will focus on Sustainable Development Goal #13, Climate Action. We have produced a series of bulletin inserts (left) that highlight how PWRDF partners are taking climate action to support food security, women, health, Indigenous communities, emergency response, refugees/displaced people and youth. Climate action initiatives are also highlighted on our bookmark and … Continue reading “2020 RESOURCES: Climate Action + PWRDF”

Churches prepare to mark Anglican Communion Sunday on 24 May

By Staff Writer   Churches around the world are preparing to mark Anglican Communion Sunday this weekend. While some provinces set aside a different day for Anglican Communion Sunday, many hold it on the Sunday closest to the feast of Saint Augustine of Canterbury, who was sent by Pope Gregory to evangelise Britain in AD … Continue reading “Churches prepare to mark Anglican Communion Sunday on 24 May”

Jerusalem Sunday: May 24, 2020

By Staff Writer   At the 2013 Joint Assembly, General Synod passed a resolution to “observe the Seventh Sunday of Easter, commonly known as the Sunday after Ascension Day, as Jerusalem Sunday.” For 2020, the theme for Jerusalem Sunday is The Jerusalem of Your Heart and Soul. Jerusalem Sunday is an opportunity for Anglicans in … Continue reading “Jerusalem Sunday: May 24, 2020”

Got ideas on what the church should be doing? Now you can have your say

By Tali Folkins   Members of the Anglican Church of Canada who would like to help shape the church’s next strategic plan can now submit their views online, Council of General Synod (CoGS) heard Friday, March 13. The Rev. Monique Stone, a member of the team planning the strategy to replace Vision 2019, which has … Continue reading “Got ideas on what the church should be doing? Now you can have your say”

TryTank Experimental Lab Expands Dial-A-Priest

via Espiscopal News Service  Two weeks ago, TryTank Experimental Lab, a partnership between Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) and General Theological Seminary (GTS), launched Dial-A-Priest,making end of life prayer accessible 24 hours a day tocritically ill and dying Covid-19 patients isolated from loved ones. Based on demand, Dial-A-Priest is now expanding service to include pastoral care for families, health professionals, and patients who may be hospitalized for reasons other than Covid-19, in a time … Continue reading “TryTank Experimental Lab Expands Dial-A-Priest”