A journey into prayer

By Marites N. Sison March 12, 2018 One in five Canadians say they pray daily. Photo: Bryan Minear/unsplash.com (This article also appears in the April 2018 issue of the Anglican Journal.) Kneeling, hands folded, eyes fixed on the church altar. Sitting by the window, Bible in hand, reading quietly as a candle flickers on the … Continue reading “A journey into prayer”

What is prayer, and why do we pray?

By Tali Folkins March 12, 2018 Photo: A3PF Family/Shutterstock Some people, if asked, would probably 
say that prayer means asking for something, and indeed the Oxford Canadian Dictionary defines prayer as “a solemn request or thanksgiving to God or an object of worship.” The word itself comes from the Latin prex, which can mean not … Continue reading “What is prayer, and why do we pray?”

Suggestions for the oral proclamation of Scripture

iStock/ArtistCapture  By Christine Parton Burkett Visiting professor of speech, Duke Divinity School   Improve public reading with practice and feedback. And don’t be afraid to overdo it a bit. Monday, December 20, 2010 Speech coach Christine Parton Burkett offers the following ideas for fresh delivery of familiar readings: • Allow ample time and opportunity to practice … Continue reading “Suggestions for the oral proclamation of Scripture”

Encountering the sacred at the Mount

Photo: BG Smith/Shutterstock  Encountering the sacred at the Mount By Wayne Holst March 9, 2018 A favourite Lenten discipline is the annual silent retreat that members and friends of my home congregation undertake at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre, 25 kilometres west of Calgary. This was our fifth year. Our numbers average about two dozen. … Continue reading “Encountering the sacred at the Mount”

L. Gregory Jones: Embrace the wilderness

Bigstock / Emily2k By L. Gregory Jones Senior fellow, Leadership Education at Duke Divinity In this time of disorientation in our culture, we must rediscover the beauty, truth and goodness of God. We can do this through extravagant love, imaginative storytelling, paying attention to awe and relentlessly reminding people of God’s hope for the world, writes … Continue reading “L. Gregory Jones: Embrace the wilderness”