Acknowledging the painful errors of our past

By Mark MacDonald January 29, 2019   A few decades ago, I heard a classmate-friend give a comparison and an example that has been clinging to me since. He had been a conscientious objector serving as a medic in Vietnam. Speaking of the intense preparations to be ready for surgeries in the battlefield environment, he described … Continue reading “Acknowledging the painful errors of our past”

Crossing to the other side

By Dr Clare Amos 22 February 2019 The former Programme Coordinator for Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation at the World Council of Churches, Clare Amos, explores what Jesus meant when he called his disciples to “the other side”. Next Sunday’s Gospel reading set for the Common Worship lectionary used in the Church of England is Luke … Continue reading “Crossing to the other side”

Better off Broken

By M’Kenna Gillespie 18 February 2019  A member of the Community of St Anselm, the new monastic community based at Lambeth Palace, M’Kenna Gillespie, reflects on the nature of brokenness. I failed to notice the steady crawl of the mixer as it approached the edge of the counter.  One quick turnaround and the 17-year-old wedding … Continue reading “Better off Broken”

Montreal church partners with circus company to help pay the bills

via CBC A church in downtown Montreal has partnered with a circus company with the goal of opening up the space to a larger group of people — while also helping to pay the bills. The partnership could be the 1st of its kind and is a ‘match made in heaven,’ says pastor Kate McKenna … Continue reading “Montreal church partners with circus company to help pay the bills”

Making ministry Indigenous

By Mark MacDonald February 19, 2019 Since the missionaries arrived, there has been a disciplined and dedicated attempt to make Indigenous churches look, act and feel like their non-Indigenous counterparts. We can say, once and for all, it was a failure. It isn’t that Indigenous congregations don’t have the means or capacity to mimic their … Continue reading “Making ministry Indigenous”