Ryan P. Bonfiglio: Let’s make the church a center of theological education again

The author speaks at First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta’s “TheoEd Talks,” a creative example of church-based theological education. Photo courtesy of First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta By Ryan P. Bonfiglio Scholar-in-residence, 1st Presbyterian Church, Atlanta FacebookTwitterEmailPrint For almost 500 years, the church has been outsourcing theological education to seminaries and divinity schools. It’s time to return some … Continue reading “Ryan P. Bonfiglio: Let’s make the church a center of theological education again”

No splash

No splash By Nissa Basbaum August 23, 2018 “If you get the chance, we’d humbly request that our ‘worship hoedown’ be mentioned from stage, or added into your service announcement slides. Or, if you really wanna champion this rodeo, you could show a short video we would provide in the weeks leading up to the … Continue reading “No splash”

A hidden future in the Arctic

By Bishop Mark MacDonald 30 August 2018  In a blog written to mark World Water Week (26 – 31 August), Bishop Mark MacDonald, the National Indigenous Anglican Bishop for the Anglican Church of Canada, writes about the dangers lurking beneath the frozen waters of the Arctic. A potential danger has been recognised in the permafrost … Continue reading “A hidden future in the Arctic”

The web of life

By Wayne Holst August 29, 2018 Birds like the red eyed vireo “share an intelligence with humans, but of a different kind,” writes Wayne Holst. Photo: Paul Reeves Photography “Nature is a fine piece of cloth. You pull a thread here and it vibrates throughout the whole fabric.” —Joseph Sittler, Gravity and Grace: Reflections and Provocations, … Continue reading “The web of life”

Seeing the fungus through the trees

By Jeffrey Metcalfe August 16, 2018 Photo: ChWeiss/Shutterstock I’ve always disliked church structures, an antipathy I credit to that potentially most monstrous of church creatures: the committee. Having grown up in a church community in which every conceivable task gave rise to a committee—from worship, to carpet cleaning, to selecting members to be on church … Continue reading “Seeing the fungus through the trees”