Threatening to stay

 By Melanie Delva I remember having coffee with National Indigenous Anglican Bishop Mark MacDonald in early 2012, not that long after the Mississauga Declaration had been presented to the Anglican Church. I remember so clearly saying to him, “I am sad that Indigenous people want to leave the Church.” The Declaration was a kind of … Continue reading “Threatening to stay”

My Second Uniform

By Martha Tatarnic April 26, 2018 Creator, we stand in awe and wonder at God’s great creation, at the diversity of beings, and at the intricate balance of relationships that sustains life. We recognize the need and basic human right for each person to have a place to which to belong. Inspire in us the will … Continue reading “My Second Uniform”

Confirming the faith

  By The Revd Dr Zachary Guiliano 03 May 2018 The Associate editor of The Living Church, the Revd Dr Zachary Guiliano, considers Confirmation preparation at St Benet’s Church in Cambridge, where he serves as Deacon. In the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, the ordaining bishop describes “the office of a Deacon” and its functions. … Continue reading “Confirming the faith”

Ask more

By Jeffrey Metcalfe May 1, 2018 The Eucharist teaches us that we must become for others the good gifts we receive from God. we must become what we receive. Photo: Shutterstock Spring is the season of writing grant applications, not least of all for theological students. I know this season well because I am currently … Continue reading “Ask more”

Save us from the time of trial

By Mark MacDonald May 4, 2018 “We are, quite often, tempted to gain the world at the loss of our soul.” Image: Ohn Robin/Shutterstock Not really knowing what to do, writing this piece might be merely therapeutic for me; thinking out loud, perhaps. I am speaking about the recently announced decision that Pope Francis would … Continue reading “Save us from the time of trial”