Economics By Martin E. Marty

By Martin E. Marty Virtually every church newsletter, denominational website, religious periodical, or other medium, disseminated in print or electronically, makes some reference to the economic situation in which all classes of Americans find themselves today. Local congregations’ offers of spiritual sustenance, community-sharing burdens, and hopes are still among the main and best things they … Continue reading “Economics By Martin E. Marty”

The American Sin By Solange De Santis

By Solange De Santis [Episcopal News Service] In the manner of editorials, this one is about to make a sweeping statement: Americans don’t like to think about sin, especially when the question is whether there is a particular kind of sin that possibly could be identified as part of the American character. Of the traditional … Continue reading “The American Sin By Solange De Santis”

The Hidden Dialogue By Thomas Zebrowski

By Thomas Zebrowski The public debate about God in which the writings of Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Dinesh D’Souza, among others, are prominent is more obviously focused on the existence than the nature of the divine.  Yet the second topic is very relevant to many of the issues being disputed. In No One Sees God: The Dark … Continue reading “The Hidden Dialogue By Thomas Zebrowski”

An Inner Life with New Meaning By Krista Tippett

  An Inner Life with New Meaning   By Krista Tippett     As the indicators by which we’ve measured our collective well-being in recent years continue to plummet, I found a conversation with Parker Palmer echoing in my head.  He and I spoke years ago on the radio program Speaking of Faith about his … Continue reading “An Inner Life with New Meaning By Krista Tippett”

Sex and Seminaries By Martin E. Marty

  Sex and Seminaries By Martin E. Marty Did you know that there is a Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing?  Last Thursday, January 8, the Institute, together with Union Theological Seminary in New York, issued a fifty-two page report, which is a call for North American Theological Seminaries to offer more courses and … Continue reading “Sex and Seminaries By Martin E. Marty”