Polemics in Cyberspace by Adam Darlage

by  Adam Darlage The invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century has been credited by Reformation scholars as an important factor behind the success of sixteenth-century Church reformers.  The impact of the new technology was nowhere more apparent than in the career of Martin Luther.  In the aftermath of the indulgence controversy of 1517 that … Continue reading “Polemics in Cyberspace by Adam Darlage”

Decline by Martin E. Marty

By  Martin E. Marty Papal trips, presidential campaigns, polygamist-raids, and other events that warrant billboard-sized headlines are easy enough to sight for Sightings, but they block out the vision of smaller-appearing events that, taken together, add up to portentous or promising trends.  The portentous were most apparent this week, as headlines like these on Friday, April 25, … Continue reading “Decline by Martin E. Marty”