Andrew Root: Take it from Bonhoeffer — there is no ‘Christian youth’

By Andrew Root Associate professor, Luther Seminary FacebookTwitterEmailPrint As Dietrich Bonhoeffer pointed out long ago, youth ministry isn’t about setting aside a special place for young people in the church but about moving them into the center of the church community, says a youth ministry scholar and author. Monday, September 8, 2014 Editor’s note: The … Continue reading “Andrew Root: Take it from Bonhoeffer — there is no ‘Christian youth’”

Quebec’s new law banning religious garments in public fails the reality test

June 18, 2019 By: Simran Jeet [email protected] Share This! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn ReddIt Email Quebec’s new Bill 21 bans religious garments worn by public employees, including items such as hijabs, niqabs and burqas. (AP Photo/ Fred Ernst)   (RNS) — In my visit to Montreal in early June, every conversation came back to the … Continue reading “Quebec’s new law banning religious garments in public fails the reality test”

On the marriage canon

By Mark MacDonald June 17, 2019 When non-Indigenous people hear that there is a widespread ambivalence and reluctance among Indigenous Anglicans to change the marriage canon to allow same-sex marriage, they assume that this is a conservative remnant of the work of the missionaries. Non-Indigenous peoples often hold a hidden and unexamined assumption that Indigenous … Continue reading “On the marriage canon”

God is a Raptors’ Fan, Right?

MinistryMatters By    Martha Tatarnic   June 11 This blog is a shameless reworking of a piece I wrote a few years ago when the Jays were on a hot streak. It seemed to be an appropriate offering again for this Raptors’ moment. I jumped up at the end of Monday night’s dinner for our … Continue reading “God is a Raptors’ Fan, Right?”

Where are all our flowers going?

By Virginia “Ginny” Doctor June 11, 2019 The widespread murder and disappearance of Indigenous women and girls in Canada calls us to value them differently—before they’re all gone—argues Ginny Doctor. “Where have all the flowers gone…?” – Pete Seeger I grew up on a reserve near Syracuse, New York. As children, for the most part, … Continue reading “Where are all our flowers going?”