Challenges draw Trinity and Wycliffe closer

By Matt Gardner As times change, two familiar seminaries are changing with them Among the various display booths spread throughout the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre at General Synod 2019, guests and delegates passed one that bore testament to a new spirit of collaboration between two prominent Anglican seminaries in Toronto. Having previously shared a display … Continue reading “Challenges draw Trinity and Wycliffe closer”

Jason Byassee: The end of denominations?

By Jason Byassee What good do denominations do? What would be lost if they were gone? What if we woke up tomorrow and all the denominations were gone? Some commentators would cheer. Some, more sanguine, would mourn, but not for themselves. Many of us would be looking for jobs. But so what? The question is … Continue reading “Jason Byassee: The end of denominations?”

We are not human without community

By Mark MacDonald September 16, 2019 Many events and ideas that swirl around us in these days are a great challenge to life. Our time contains a compelling call to revisit, as individuals and as peoples, that most basic question: what does it mean to be human? Technological advances are a part of this re-thinking. … Continue reading “We are not human without community”

Living—together—as the body of Christ

By Archbishop Linda Nicholls   I began to write this, my first column for the Anglican Journal, on the plane heading back home after General Synod. My head and heart are full of intense, exhilarating and painful moments from the previous week, as the Anglican Church of Canada gathered together to discern the work God … Continue reading “Living—together—as the body of Christ”

3 ways seminary will change you for the better

  By Stephen Andrews At Wycliffe’s recent Theology Pub Night on August 30, I was gratified when someone asked me if I was a student at Wycliffe College. I am often mistaken for a younger person, which I think I owe to my genes, but which my wife suspects may also have something to do … Continue reading “3 ways seminary will change you for the better”