Investors, asset managers, developers, churches look to bridge gap between faith and investment

Martin Palmer, president of FaithInvest network, United Kingdom. Photo: Peter Kenny/GAF/WCC Bridging the gap between faith and investments with cooperation between different groups was the focus of recent a two-day conference in Geneva. It was a rare meeting of the likes of asset managers and clergy, and the solution at the heart of success was … Continue reading “Investors, asset managers, developers, churches look to bridge gap between faith and investment”

‘Anglicans in Canada are in exile’

By Cole Hartin   The Anglican Church of Canada is hollowing out. It’s in steep decline. Some might call this a “free fall.” This shouldn’t be a surprise to most of us. We’re used to seeing almost vacant sanctuaries built to house congregations that no longer exist. We’re used to seeing glorious architecture fall decrepit, … Continue reading “‘Anglicans in Canada are in exile’”

Dialogue continues on path of co-operation

By Michael Swan Catholics and Anglicans in Canada have been working on their relationship ever since Gen. James Wolfe surprised Gen. Louis-Joseph, Marquis de Montcalm on the Plains of Abraham in the fall of 1759. By 1763 King Louis XV had no choice but to cede France’s North American possessions entirely to England’s King George … Continue reading “Dialogue continues on path of co-operation”

Orthodox, Anglican churches hold international theological dialogue

The International Commission for Anglican Orthodox Theological Dialogue met in Canterbury, England from 10-17 October to continue consideration of ecology and end-of-life issues. In a communique, the group stated that its work was undergirded by daily prayer and worship. “Visits were made to holy and historic sites, including a tour of St Augustine’s Abbey and … Continue reading “Orthodox, Anglican churches hold international theological dialogue”