Council votes to demolish church

    By André Forget The old St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s has stood empty since 2003, when the congregation moved to a new building. Photo: Church by the Sea, Inc. The acrimonious debate over what is to be done with the deconsecrated 120-year-old Anglican church in the town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s, … Continue reading “Council votes to demolish church”

The continuing story

By Rhonda Waters    Alleluia! Christ is Risen! And that changes everything—backwards and forwards. Our story—the world’s story—is rewritten in this moment. Everything that came before means something a little different now—everything needs to be re-remembered in light of this new fact. Consider the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, walking sadly and fearfully away … Continue reading “The continuing story”

Life is ‘larger than one’s ownership of it’

      By Stephen Andrews  Diocese of Algoma bishop Stephen Andrews’ parents, Irving, Jr., and Emmy Lou. Irving, Jr. died in October after a massive stroke. Photo: Contributed Excerpts from an interview with the Anglican Journal and from his column in the Algoma Anglican (April 2014): My dad died in October. He had a massive stroke, … Continue reading “Life is ‘larger than one’s ownership of it’”

Choosing the ‘escape clause’

By Leigh Anne Williams Diagnosed with primary progressive MS, Elizabeth MacDonald warned her husband that she could not live with complete paralysis. “I’m not sticking around. I’m not going to be trapped in my own body.” Photo: Contributed (This story first appeared in the April 2015 issue of the Anglican Journal.) The Rev. Eric MacDonald, a … Continue reading “Choosing the ‘escape clause’”

Heeding a gospel warning

By Mark MacDonald The hypocrisy and corruption associated with the Pharisees, as portrayed in the gospels, has made their name a potent insult. But Christian teaching, despite describing this corruption as extremely dangerous, often places the threat of the Pharisees’ attitude and actions far away from our present day context. This is a mistake. Jesus describes … Continue reading “Heeding a gospel warning”

Being on-the-record about Christ

By Michelle Hauser Then Jesus told them, “This very night you will all fall away on account of me, for it is written: “‘I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.” But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee.” Peter replied, “Even if all fall away … Continue reading “Being on-the-record about Christ”

Being Easter people

By Marites N. Sison (This article first appeared in the April 2015 issue of the Anglican Journal.) April is here and for those fortunate enough to be surrounded by caring family or friends, there is much to celebrate—both sacred and secular. After Good Friday and Holy Saturday, when devout Christians reflect on the suffering and death … Continue reading “Being Easter people”

A generation lost

By Daniel Graves In the mid-19th century, the Rev. Featherstone Osler founded 20 churches in 20 years in Upper Canada. Photo: Osler Library of The history of Medicine, McGill University (This article first appeared in the March issue of the Anglican Journal.) There was a general feeling amongst the elderly in the community that a whole … Continue reading “A generation lost”

Seminaries and graduates and churches, oh my!

Leaders can empower congregations to move with confidence and joy into God’s future. By Molly Marshall Seminaries are in the news these days as the church continues to shift in social location in our communities. Theological education, in my judgment, can be a source of renewal for congregational life, and it may be the only … Continue reading “Seminaries and graduates and churches, oh my!”

“I Sit in Silence”

By Fred Hiltz, Archbishop and Primate   In early February I attended a book launch marking the 130th anniversary of the founding of the Sisterhood of St. John the Divine.  A simple Liturgy of the Word was followed by an opportunity to meet the author and chat with the sisters about their past and their future … Continue reading ““I Sit in Silence””