Why ministers shouldn’t walk away from social media

Baptist News Global Opinion By Mark Wingfield  February 6, 2019 Facebook  Twitter Email  Print  More 799 Every month or so, there’s a new scare about why we shouldn’t be on social media. Facebook is spying on you. Twitter is not trustworthy. Instagram is in control of your life. Virtual relationships are replacing real relationships. And for some people, social media … Continue reading “Why ministers shouldn’t walk away from social media”

Sharon Miller: Should seminaries offer online education?

Computer screens display video conferencing for a Central Baptist Seminary synchronous class. Photo courtesy of Auburn Seminary FacebookTwitterEmailPrint A recent study from Auburn Seminary takes a look at online distance education within theological schools and finds exciting experiments as well as challenges. Tuesday, November 28, 2017 In the report (Not) Being There: Online Distance Theological Education, … Continue reading “Sharon Miller: Should seminaries offer online education?”

Alexa, Hear My Prayer

January 3, 2019 By Vance Morgan I read a fascinating article in the November 2018 edition of The Atlantic that explores the various ways in which virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri have begun to occupy more and more important spaces in our lives. My household does not have such an assistant, and it’s … Continue reading “Alexa, Hear My Prayer”

Rhonda Mawhood Lee: What would it be? Dissatisfaction or gratitude?

By Rhonda Mawhood Lee Canon for regional ministry FacebookTwitterEmailPrint   An Episcopal priest learns a valuable lesson from a run-in with a smartphone. The choice is yours every moment of every day: focus on lack or appreciate the abundance. Monday, November 17, 2014 For years, I had put off getting a smartphone. Though I sometimes felt … Continue reading “Rhonda Mawhood Lee: What would it be? Dissatisfaction or gratitude?”

The power of words

By Alice Wu 07 November 2018 The Hong Kong-based Anglican writer, Alice Wu, reflects on the power of quick words in an age of social media. I recently found myself really missing those “good old days” – like when everyone’s biggest worry was the Y2K millennium bug. Today, a lot of us are suffering from … Continue reading “The power of words”