Reading the Times: Christian Responses to the News of the Day

Regent College

What role should the news play in the life of a disciple of Christ? This may seem like a contemporary concern, one made acute by political polarization, social media, and ubiquitous screens. And indeed we are living through a time when technological and cultural forces are causing drastic upheavals in the news industry. This course …
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Christology Ancient and Modern

Regent College

This course explores the person of Jesus and how he has been understood through the ages. We begin with the representations of Jesus in the Gospels, study how the early church made sense of Jesus as a God-man, and look at how people see Jesus today. We will also see how the doctrine of Christ …
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2024 African American Religious Autobiography Seminar

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

An application-based seminar on insights for pastoral and worship ministries In this week-long seminar, we will form a multi-cultural group of pastors, teachers, professors, and non-profit organization leaders to learn from the poignant and prophetic autobiographical writings of Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Howard Thurman, and Ida B. Wells. We will pay particular attention to the implications of their …
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Can the Past be Reconciled? Two Histories, Two Lands

Sorrento Centre

On October 7, 2023 Hamas militants launched a devastating assault on Israel erupting into the most severe Palestinian-Israeli conflict seen in decades. Once again the world has been drawn into the aching question; will these people ever know a just and peaceful coexistence? Even as one considers that far away tragedy, Canada continues to awaken …
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Christology & Discipleship in Mark’s Gospel

Regent College

In this course, we will embark on a journey through the Gospel of Mark, unraveling the narrative portrayal of Jesus (Christology) and the profound implications of following him (discipleship). Our primary focus will be on Mark’s interpretation and application of the Servant motif from the book of Isaiah. This pervasive motif serves as a powerful …
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The Holy Spirit & the Arts

Regent College

For centuries many have perceived a strong bond between the work of the Spirit and artistic creativity. Talk of inspiration, spirituality, and the life of the spirit abounds when the arts are in view. This course asks why this might be so. What is it about the arts that lends themselves so easily to “spirit-talk”, …
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Reading as a Spiritual Practice

Regent College

How we read may matter as much as what we read. What can we learn from the tradition about how to read the Bible spiritually? In this course, we will look in particular at Dorothy L. Sayers’s way of reading. Raised by an Anglican priest, Sayers was well-versed in the tradition’s way of reading Scripture. …
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The Sacred Circle Part 2: Studies in the Medicine Wheel

Sorrento Centre

The medicine wheel is a symbol of the universe and teaches us about reality and how all things are connected. It guides us through a wholistic understanding of our connectedness; for the gifts humanity has been given which are rooted in our ancient world cultures. There is a resurgence and need for Medicine Wheel teachings …
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