Rustandy Global Christianity Distinguished Speaker Series

University of Chicago Divinity School (The)

Thanks to a generous gift from Tandean Rustandy (MBA ’07) the Divinity School has in recent years begun to explore the emerging field of Global Christianity. This coming spring the Divinity School will continue its efforts by launching the Rustandy Global Christianity Distinguished Speaker Series. This lecture series, facilitated through the Martin Marty Center, will …
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HOW SHALL WE FORGIVE? Re-discovering The Way Through

Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI

An Eastertide Series with Archbishop David and Archbishop Mark MacDonald April 19: Creation and the Fall (the human offence) and its effects April 26: God’s answer in Christ, His Atonement, and the effects of the Resurrection May 3: The new life and a different perspective: the offender, not just the offended, seeks reconciliation May 10: …
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Virtual Festival of Homiletics

Luther Seminary

Get FREE Access to This Year’s Festival – Registration now open! This year, in light of COVID-19, the Festival of Homiletics is again moving online. The world needs good preaching as we continue to grapple with a global pandemic. We are making access to the week of sessions and speakers on the website absolutely free! …
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Education for Ministry – Online

Education For Ministry - Canada

Administrative Mentor: Christine Ross Email address: C. Ross Group #: EfMCAN01 Status: This class is taking new registrations for the 2020 – 2021 academic year. Meeting Day and Time: Thursdays 3:30-5:30 PM PDT Administrative Mentor: Paula Porter Leggett Email address: P. Porter-Leggett Group #: EfMCAN02 Status:This class is This class is taking new registrations for …
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Going Deeper Together

Pendle Hill

The goal of this online weekend workshop is to help us enter more deeply the truth in our hearts and connect more profoundly with the divine Presence in ourselves and in all of life. We will explore a number of practices to help us do so, including discernment exercises, supportive listening, evoking questions, focusing on …
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Living from the Spiritual Heart

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation Inc.

Do you yearn to see, listen and act more deeply from your spiritual heart?  Do you wish to develop or deepen a consistent daily spiritual practice? Register now This Lent, deepen your spiritual heart and be supported in your daily spiritual practice.  Join Tilden Edwards, Shalem’s founder and senior fellow, for six weekly sessions. With …
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Informal Coaching and Mediation Skills for Church Leaders ONLINE

Credence and Co.

Conflict within churches can involve complex dynamics and highly-charged emotions, leaving those involved with deep hurt and pain. Often people from all “sides” of the conflict look to their pastors and lay leaders for assistance in helping to resolve these tensions. Being an “insider third party” – that is knowing the parties involved while seeking …
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Being with Greening

Kirkridge Retreat Center

Plant life is arising from rhizome and bulb, from seed and stem, from leaf and flower bud. In the Northern Hemisphere an energy of emergence refreshes our growing edges. A fearlessness draws us into fresh air, encouraging us to unfurl into a new season. Join us as we gather to celebrate patterns of emergent greening …
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Transforming Polarized Conversations: an essential toolkit for moving from entrenchment to engagement

New Leaf Network

Christian leaders across Canada are struggling with how to navigate increasingly polarized conversations with their congregations, families and friends. How do we as Jesus followers converse with divergent viewpoints and engage in active listening with a Christlike posture? What skills do we as leaders need to acquire to tackle tough conversations? What parts of our …
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Religion & Thoughtful Activism–Online Academic & Community Conference

Vancouver School Of Theology

Conference Theme The world is changing. Our politics, economics, climate, and health are under stress. Old social divisions are intensifying. New coalitions are forming. We’re examining the justice of relationships in and between community institutions. People of faith, along with others, feel called to take action. But what are best practices for activism, resistance, and …
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