Pentecostalism: From Roots to Recent Growth – Online

Regent College

Description: This live course is available asynchronously for registered students who are working during the live sessions or in a timezone that prevents them from participating in the live sessions. For more information see the Summer FAQ here. Examine the history, theology, and demographics of global Pentecostalism in the twentieth century. In order to grasp the international …
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Living with Beastly Empires: The Book of Daniel – Online

Regent College

Description: What kind of text are we dealing with in Daniel, and what difference should this make to our interpretation of the book? Have Christians been right to see what they have seen in this book over the centuries? What are the boundaries of legitimate interpretation? These are some of the questions this course will …
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AEFC 2020 – Engaging the Doctrine of Creation

Trinity School for Ministry

The Christian doctrine of Creation is one of the most contested doctrines of the modern era. But arguments with the natural sciences can distract us from the Bible’s narrative of God’s creation and redemption of the world, and disconnect that narrative from the life of the Church. This Conference will explore the biblical narrative of …
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School for Parish Development

Saint Paul University

The school offers an opportunity for both clergy and lay people to develop skills in congregation and organizational development. About the school Rooted in the Anglican ethos, the school shapes church leaders to support and foster healthy, sustainable congregations. The skills and knowledge learned equip people on the individual, team, and whole system levels. Completing …
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